Backstory and Character Profiles in Brand mascot

Stories are all about the characters—they’re what you remember most. And just like in stories, company mascots represent what the company is all about. In this blog, we’ll dive into what a backstory is, how it links to a character profile, and ways we can leverage them for mascots. What is the backstory? A backstory […]

Why A Total Solution Approach Is Key To Mascot Communication And Brand Storytelling

Brand Mascot Total Solution

In the quest to capture consumer attention and establish a lasting brand presence, many companies turn to the development of mascots. Mascots, taking the form of illustrated characters, animals, robots, or even objects, serve as more than just cute additions to logos. If well-developed, they can represent a brand’s personality and values on another level, […]

Branding Beyond Reality | Exploring Opportunities in the Metaverse Landscape

Let’s start with taking a quick trip to 2030. Here, we meet Alex, a Gen Alpha kid, who is getting ready for something classic yet thrilling: a date! But in 2030, things look a little different… A Digital Paradise Alex picks out his outfit in the virtual world, choosing a sharp suit from Gucci that’s […]