Illustration , Package Design

Golrang is a big producer of hygienic products, detergents, and cosmetics. As for their products for children (i.e., shampoo, toothpaste), an interesting mascot could rock their advertising and help with their merchandising. The brand mascot would show Golrang as a “clean and soft” brand that cares about kids’ hygiene by keeping their sensitive skin healthy and their hair shiny and clean. The campaign’s goal was to encourage parents and their under-eight-year-old children to buy Golrang products.



Research and Selection

A furry, cute animal seemed perfect for the role of the brand’s mascot. After interviewing Golrang’s key members, we picked a hedgehog to manifest its quills being softened by their shampoo for kids. 

A Red Panda was also chosen to represent the brand due to its newness and rare usage.


Character Profile

At this point our team came to the conclusion that had to design the two characters under the following in order to appeal to the brand’s customers:


  • The characters must have a fictional childlike personality. 
  • The characters must convey cleanness, hence they CANNOT look or seem dirty. 
  • Friendliness and trustworthiness are two visible attributes of the characters; Kids learn from them to be clean.
  • The characters should be furry (hair or fur that is visible) in order to clearly demonstrate the softening effects of the shampoo. 
  • Their playfulness makes the characters suitable for creative, funny situations. 
  • The fact that they are unpredictable and entertaining should not entice children to do dangerous activities. 
  • The characters should NOT be fretful, evil, sinister, or naggy.


2D Design

In this stage, we presented various sketches and ideas to the managers at Golrang. After conducting surveys and consulting them, the 2D designs of these two amazing characters were finalized and used in the packaging of the brand’s kids’ shampoo.



3D Modeling

The characters received highly positive reviews and were liked by the audience, which increased the brand’s popularity and sales. This led to us making the 3D model of these characters with higher quality and more detail to carry out a deeper, more intimate communication with Golrang’s clients. 

The characters’ hair and fur thickness and level of detail -that needed to be done with hair and Fair Dynamic visualization techniques, together with a closing deadline, were some of the challenges our Production team faced in the completion of the 3D models.