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About us

Dream Farm Agency is a creative agency that provides innovative and future-driven communication solutions for brands by exploring new ways of storytelling and creating unforgettable brand experiences. Leveraging a decade of industry experience, marketing wisdom, and artistic vision, Dream Farm Agency brings a fresh perspective to brand communications.


Our vision is to combine Marketing, Art, and Technology
expertise, to create previously unimagined brand experiences, and offer forward-thinking strategies that improve brands’ marketing efforts.
With our artistic backbone, technology knowledge, and a great focus on areas often overlooked by traditional 360 agencies, we are aiming to fill a void in the industry, providing flexible, up-to-date solutions for today’s incredibly fast-changing tech landscape.


Claude Brooks

Claude Brooks

Co-creator @ Doggyland
Dream Farm consistently delivers quality animation. They have great attention to detail and contribute innovative ideas during the creative process, pulled from their years of experience. Their character and world designs are unique, bringing distinct flavor to every video they make.
Nicole LaSpina

Nicole LaSpina

Senior Director, Brand Marketing @ Travelodge by Wyndham
travelodge by wyndham
Partnering with Dream Farm Agency exceeded our expectations. Not only was the quality of work fantastic, but they were very collaborative and were able to deliver under an expedited time frame. Their team is friendly, professional, and made the process seamless.
Karen Brady

Karen Brady

Marketing Director @ Brady’s Drug Store
Brady’s Drug Store
The Dream Farm Studio team listened to our vision for a branded Brady’s Drug Store pharmacy character and then brought it to life. We appreciated their willingness to take a creative journey together. It was a collaborative process that brought together our brand promise and their skill at animation and we are very pleased with the results.

Jobst Eggert

Team lead Networking Relations @ PETA
Dream Farm did a fantastic job. The result was perfect, showing the professional work and effort they put into the project. They were highly focused on taking care of our needs, and satisfy us as a customer. As this project was about animal rights, Dream Farm really helped us spread such valuable message effectively. We really felt that they were understanding our goals and were actually trying to help us achieve them. We highly recommend Dream Farm!

Celia Herrera

Creative Producer @ Mozilla Fire Fox
It was a pleasure to work with the very talented team at Dream Farm Studios. They helped us define the needs for a brand character and completed milestones for the project with openness, skill, and flexibility in response to our complex feedback. Our team would love to have the chance to work with them again.

Isaiah Mac Jerry

Co-founder and CEO @ Clever Daycare
Our journey with the Dream Farm Agency team has been enjoyable and worthwhile! Their friendly, collaborative approach made the process smooth from the very beginning. Our new Brand identity, crafted with their expertise, perfectly mirrors our proficient and caring personality, helping us to connect more deeply with our community. Dream Farm Agency didn’t just help us look better. They assisted us in arriving at integrated marketing solutions that have contributed to our reputation and growth.
Dream-farm-new-logo 1

Our sister company Dream Farm studios

Dream Farm Studios is a premier animation studio specializing in both 3D and 2D animation production. With a focus on delivering high-quality content, Our studio is dedicated to bringing clients’ visions to life through stunning animation. With a team of talented artists and cutting-edge technology, Dream Farm Studios is a trusted partner for companies looking to tell their stories through animated content.