Where did it start?

Brand Mascot , Illustration

Back in 2019, the wonderful team at Mozilla Firefox got in touch with us because they wanted their mobile browser, Firefox Lite, to stand out. This browser was not only lightweight but also packed with features to save data and storage, quickly capture and share content, and provide speedy browsing even on slower connections.

We dove right into learning everything about the Mozilla brand and the Firefox Lite browser. Our goal was clear: to communicate that Firefox Lite is truly ‘on your side’ and encourage people to discover, try, use, and recommend it.

During the research and development phase, we dedicated countless hours to figuring out the best solutions for Mozilla. Here’s how we approached it:

Who were we speaking to?

Mainly to existing and potential users of Firefox Lite, spread across 14 countries, mostly in Asia.

a woman in a headscarf
Persona 2

What impression did we want to leave?

We wanted them to see Firefox Lite as empowering and feel hopeful, with the primary message of “Firefox Lite is on your side”.

What action did we hope for?

We aimed to get them to explore, consider, and ultimately advocate for Firefox Lite.

Understanding our audience:

These people primarily used mobile devices, cared about affordability, and were driven by tasks and entertainment. They really enjoyed brands that use characters, which was a key insight for us.


We decided to develop a character, a fox, that would become central to Firefox Lite’s identity. This character would not only delight our audience but also help Firefox Lite stand out from other browsers.

a fox with a circle in the middle of it

Foxes carry a wide variety of human projections


Fox mythology varies by culture around the world

What was our long-term strategy?

Looking ahead, we anticipated the character potentially becoming a mascot for the entire Firefox brand identity system. Of course, this would have been after carefully evaluating its performance with Firefox Lite.

Getting to define the character’s personality

After gathering all the necessary details and information, it was time to bring our character to life by defining its personality. We pondered several questions:

  • Should our fox be humorous or more on the serious side?
  • Did we envision it talking a lot, or should it focus more on actions?
  • Were we aiming for an entertaining vibe?
  • Should the character display human-like qualities or lean more towards its animalistic nature?
  • Were we picturing a youthful, energetic persona or perhaps a more composed, mature character?
  • What about giving it a unique super-power?


These traits weren’t chosen at random; they were carefully selected to align with the brand’s identity and directly appeal to our target audience. Just like real-world friendships are built on shared laughter, mutual interests, or that special spark, our goal was to create a similar connection between the mascot and its people.

Character Personality

KIND 40 %
OPEN 40 %

Character Depiction

character depiction

Character Development

After finalizing all the details, we briefed a diverse group of designers and launched into the design phase. Given our broad target audience, we engaged designers with varied styles and paired them with different art directors. This approach ensured we captured a range of creative perspectives and fully met the client’s needs. After a few rounds of creative tweaks, we agreed on a winning 2D design. With the concept approved, we focused on refining the final details, and then progressed to the modeling stage. This is where our character really began to take shape and come to life!

What else did we consider?

To enhance the way Firefox Lite is experienced, we designed different states for the character, complete with a variety of costumes and accessories.

We also thought about creating a library of poses to ensure the character appears consistently across various settings, as our research suggested.


What’s next for our character?

So, now we had our adorable character ready, but what was next?

At this critical moment in a mascot’s life, many brands might think their work is done, but this is actually just the beginning. Instead of letting the mascot become just another sticker on the wall, we helped Mozilla strategize on how to effectively launch and use the foxy. This was to ensure the character not only makes a strong initial impact but also continues to engage and charm the audience over time.

We created a “Mascot Book” that included everything we’d learned and considered about the character. This guide detailed the mascot’s purpose within the brand, pinpointed the intended audience, and showcased the mascot’s personality, message, tone, and visual identity to ensure it was prepared for long-lasting use.

Firefox Brand Mascot Book 1

How we planned to use the mascot?

We suggested several engaging ways to bring the mascot into the spotlight, helping to boost the brand’s presence and connect with users across various platforms.
The mascot could make a welcoming appearance on the Google Play Store and other online marketplaces, helping to draw in and orient new users.

Inside the product, the mascot could introduce newcomers to features, making their experience warmer and more inviting.
On social media and Mozilla blogs, the mascot would add a friendly face to interactions, making content more relatable and enjoyable.

For advertising efforts, including display ads, outdoor media, and videos, the mascot could play a central role, grabbing attention and delivering the brand’s message effectively.

At promotional events, bringing the mascot to life as a costume would create unforgettable encounters.
Lastly, offering merchandise like stickers and t-shirts would let fans carry a piece of the brand with them, further spreading the mascot’s magic and improving its effectiveness.

These ideas opened up many exciting possibilities for bringing our character into the daily lives of users. During the operation of Firefox Lite, we developed several campaigns and teasers to introduce the brand and its charming character, along with an engaging interactive billboard commercial that showcased our mascot, making a lasting impression.

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