Saudi Green Initiative


The Saudi Green Initiative (SGI), launched in 2021, under Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, aims to unite people in Saudi Arabia to tackle climate change and make the country greener. Their ambitious goal is to achieve net zero emissions by 2060. SGI is committed to involving everyone, from businesses to everyday citizens, in this effort. They also focus on educating people about sustainable living and raising global awareness of Saudi Arabia’s environmental efforts.


The Goal

To make a real impact, SGI decided to focus on the youth of Saudi Arabia. They wanted to educate and engage young people through a new sub-brand featuring a mascot. This friendly character would help make SGI’s message more relatable and fun, especially for kids. The mascot would explain SGI’s goals in a simple and understandable way, encouraging everyone to care for the environment.

The Solution

In the past, mascots were just cute faces next to logos or on posters. But times have changed, and so has the role of a character in such initiatives. With the goal of educating future generations on sustainable practices and the importance of taking care of the environment, this kind of character wouldn’t be a simple mascot. This mascot was going to be a brand ambassador.

Fully connected to the brand, the character would act as an actual member of this system, forever part of the journey.
This was the initial target we needed to hit for the Saudi Green Initiative (SGI).

Our Approach

We started by understanding our audience and goals. We thought about different options like the sand cat, gazelle, fennec fox, and caracal. Each was considered after a deep study of Saudi wildlife. But in the end, nothing could better showcase the beauty of Saudi wildlife and connect with our audience like an Arabian Leopard. After months of hard work, we introduced Namour, our friendly and proud Arabian Leopard.


Character Development

Namour wasn’t just created out of thin air; he needed a rich backstory and a relatable personality. We designed every aspect of Namour’s character, from his looks to his way of speaking, to make him feel real and engaging. This involved several rounds of design and feedback, ensuring that Namour resonated with the local culture and the decision-makers’ expectations.

Launch and Introduction

Creating Namour was just the beginning. Like a newborn, he needed lots of love and care to make a strong impression. We proposed a detailed introduction for Namour, emphasizing the importance of this stage to the team. Namour’s grand debut was made through an animated video, allowing him to share his story and mission in a fun and personal way. This video was released on June 5th, World Environment Day, making a memorable first impression and sparking curiosity about our new friend.

Play Video about Namour's Adventure

The Journey Ahead

Namour’s first “hi” to Saudi Arabia marked the beginning of many adventures to come. We aimed to make Namour a beloved symbol of Saudi Arabia’s green journey, capturing hearts and minds and leading everyone towards a sustainable future.
We hope that one day, Namour will be recognized globally as a cute and powerful symbol of Saudi Arabia’s commitment to becoming greener.

Namour's Adventure