Brand Mascot Development , Illustration , Poster Design

Another one of our clients that produce personal care & hygiene products was Merident. The owners of this brand were planning to export their toothpaste for kids to CIS (The Commonwealth of Independent States) countries. This called for a brand mascot that could successfully connect with the audience of a market they hadn’t entered before. Merident owners did not insist on a human or animal character. Still, they made clear they were looking for a character (or characters) with distinguishable characteristics to fascinate kids (8 to 15) and get their parents to buy the products.



Research and Selection

n order to have a clearer picture of the client’s brand identity, positioning, and the message it wanted to convey, we organized brainstorming sessions and different meetings with Merident’s key members.

Detailed research of the industry & Merident’s target audience, along with a thorough analysis of their competitors, were also done and led us to related keywords and slogans for the brand.


Character Profile

t this stage of the total solution process, we provided a brief for the design and personality of two characters, with the following highlights:  

  • The philosophy of the product is cleanness and oral hygiene. This should be taken into account while making the characters.
  • A boy and girl duo would make a deeper connection with all audiences. 
  • Using the characters’ hair to depict the appealing looks and colors of the toothpaste would be interesting and creative.
  • The characters have to be fun, playful and dressed in bright clothes (while matching the products’ colors) to grab children’s attention. 
  • Their design should appeal to kids, but at the same time, it shouldn’t be alien to other age groups.
  • They are good and fun examples for children that encourage them to brush their teeth.


3D Modeling

What eventually came out were two lovely characters with fine detail to speak the message of the brand; their hair, for instance, creatively and noticeably depicted the product. 


Celia Herrera

Creative Producer @ Mozilla Fire Fox

“It was a pleasure to work with the very talented team at Dream Farm Studios. They helped us define the needs for a brand character and completed milestones for the project with openness, skill, and flexibility in response to our complex feedback. Our team would love to have the chance to work with them again.”

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