Why Do Brand Mascots Propel Startups to Soaring Success?

Let’s imagine we want to create a brand mascot for  Samsung to make it stand out in its market of competitors. What would be a good choice? A lion to focus on how strong their hardware is? Not bad. A rabbit that implies speed? This could work, too. Or maybe an anthropomorphized robot? But people […]

Experiential marketing definition + Real examples

Definition And Principles Of Experiential Marketing

One of the reasons that changed the old-fashioned purchase funnel to a fly-wheel model was that funnel did not showcase the need of keeping in touch with the customers. Brands are doing their best not to lose their connection with their customers and make them more engaged. One of the tools that can help with […]

What Is Interactive Website Design? + Examples

What Is Interactive Website Design

In today’s digital world, websites are crucial for businesses. Just like a good first impression in person, a website must be engaging to keep visitors interested. Simply throwing some content online isn’t enough anymore – you need to grab their attention and make them want to stay! That’s where interactive web design enters. This article […]

13 examples of augmented reality (AR) brand experiences

examples of augmented reality (AR) brand experiences

Have you ever wished you could try on those trendy glasses before buying them or see how a new hair color looks before committing? With augmented reality, you can do just that right from your phone. Augmented reality (AR) transforms how brands interact with customers in exciting new ways. Whether virtually trying on makeup, visualizing […]

Co-Branding: Definition, Benefits, Challenges, and Inspiring Examples


the motto “together we are stronger” holds more truth than ever before. With markets saturated with options and consumers bombarded with choices, standing out requires a strategic approach. This is where the power of collaboration comes into play. It is an increasingly prevalent strategy among companies looking to make a mark in their respective industries. […]

Gamification in B2B + 10 Real-World Examples

Power Of Gamification In B2B Settings

In today’s business world, gamification can unlock new possibilities, making every interaction a step toward success. It’s not just for B2C; it also works wonders in B2B contexts. By incorporating game-like elements such as challenges, rewards, and competitions into everyday tasks, gamification makes work more engaging and enjoyable. In this post, we’re diving into interesting […]

How To Invest in the Metaverse: Guide and Actions

How To Invest In The Metaverse

The Metaverse is buzzing with potential, but where do you even start? This guide is your First step to unlocking its secrets. We’ll ditch the jargon and show you how to Invest in the Metaverse. Metaverse is just one of so many verses that exist! So, when we talk about investing in the Metaverse. Actually, […]

what is brand development? Process, Definition & Strategy

What Is Brand Development

What pops into your mind when you think of brands like Apple, Nike, or Coca-Cola? Do feelings of innovation, achievement, and joyful refreshment ring a bell? That instant familiarity and those associations represent the immense power of effective brand development. But have you ever wondered — how these iconic brands grew from small startups into […]

What is brand experience strategy?

What Is Brand Experience Strategy

A brand experience strategy is a detailed plan companies make to change customers’ experience with their brand. It’s more than just making sales and giving products. It’s about creating lasting memories, building emotional relationships, and standing out in a crowded market. As part of the strategy, regular and meaningful interactions will be set up across […]

Brand Strategy: Definition & Guide (2024 Updated)

What Is A Brand Strategy

We’re going to take the mystery out of brand strategy by giving you valuable tips and examples from real life in this blog post. Our goal is to provide brands, especially those new to the idea, the information and ideas they need to develop unique strategies. What is a Brand Strategy? A brand strategy is […]