Insights From the DEAL 2024 Exhibition: A Post-Exhibition Report

Insights From the DEAL 2024 Exhibition: A Post-Exhibition Report
By Navid

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Dream Farm Agency recently attended the prestigious Dubai Entertainment Amusement and Leisure Exhibition, commonly known as “DEAL”, held from March 5th to 7th, 2024, at the World Trade Center of Dubai.

DEAL has established itself as one of the world’s Leading B2B trade shows for the entertainment industry, significantly influencing the MENA region’s entertainment marketplace.

Exhibition Overview:

DEAL 2024 showcased a diverse range of exhibitor categories, including:

  • Amusement rides
  • Coin-operated machines
  • Entertainment Technology
  • Game devices
  • High-tech equipment
  • AR & VR experiences
  • Themed retail & entertainment
  • Theme parks and waterpark construction companies

The event attracted a wide array of visitor categories, including theme park operators, brand managers, mall operators, architects, investors, and more.

Key Highlights

Scope and Coverage: DEAL 2024 provided a comprehensive platform covering all facets of leisure and entertainment, from traditional amusement rides to emerging technologies.

Amusement Operator and Franchise Showcase (AOFS): A notable sub-component of DEAL, AOFS focused on licensing and franchising within the industry, facilitating collaborations and expansions across regions.

International Participation: The exhibition featured over 50 international brands, with top exhibiting countries including China, UAE, Italy, UK, US, and Turkey. With more than 100 booths, the event attracted over 5,000 visitors, with a significant portion being international attendees.

Emerging Technologies: VR and AR emerged as pivotal elements shaping the future of theme parks and waterparks. Exhibitors showcased cutting-edge VR and AR games with high-quality graphics and immersive experiences, revolutionizing the entertainment landscape.

Key Exhibitors

1. Hologate: Offering market-leading XR experiences, Hologate provided immersive attractions such as VR escape rooms, free-roam experiences, and motion-simulated adventures, setting a benchmark for out-of-home entertainment.

2. WhiteWater West: As a leading designer and manufacturer of water park products, WhiteWater showcased innovative solutions for active family attractions, with notable projects like the Icon Tower at Meryal in Qatar, demonstrating their expertise and dedication.

3. Hello Park: Hello Park presents the world’s largest immersive park chain, combining traditional children’s games with advanced technologies to create meaningful and stimulating experiences for children’s development.

4. Embedcard: Providing ultimate cloud-based, cashless solutions, Embedcard showcased software and hardware solutions for businesses, enabling efficient management of game floors, food & beverage sales, and customer interactions.


5. ASI Design Solution: Specializing in designing gaming concepts, leisure resorts, and customized attractions, ASI Design Solution offers a wide array of entertainment options, catering to diverse audience preferences.

6. Skytechsport: Skytechsport showcased cutting-edge interactive sports simulators, including ski and snowboard simulators, offering immersive training experiences for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

7. Guangzhou Ifun Park Technology: As a leading arcade game machine and amusement ride manufacturer, Guangzhou Ifun Park Technology presented innovative solutions for interactive entertainment, reflecting China’s expertise in the field.


8. Vex Solutions: Vex Solutions introduced the VEX Adventure, featuring 4D effects and free-roaming experiences, redefining immersive entertainment and attracting new audiences with memorable experiences.

DEAL 2024 Exhibition Weaknesses

Along with all the advantages and attractive aspects of the exhibition, there were also weaknesses. Including:

Weak Agenda Planning

One of the significant shortcomings of the DEAL 2024 exhibition was the weak agenda planning and lack of conferences. Without structured opportunities for learning and networking, attendees missed out on valuable insights and connections crucial for industry growth.

Lack of Conferences

Conferences and educational sessions are essential for fostering knowledge exchange and collaboration among industry professionals. Unfortunately, the absence of such programming at DEAL 2024 resulted in missed networking opportunities and hindered the event’s ability to serve as a platform for innovation.

Poor Social Media Presence

In addition to the lack of conferences, the exhibition suffered from a poor social media presence. The organizers failed to generate excitement or engage attendees effectively through platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn. This deficiency limited the event’s reach and deprived potential attendees of insights into the latest industry trends.

To address these issues, future exhibitions should prioritize agenda planning, including diverse content and networking opportunities. Simultaneously, organizers must overhaul their social media strategy to enhance engagement and provide valuable insights to a broader audience, ultimately fostering a stronger sense of community within the industry.

Recommendations for Improvement:

To address these shortcomings and enhance the value proposition of future exhibitions, the organizers should prioritize agenda planning and conference programming. This could involve:

Curating Diverse Content

Develop a comprehensive agenda that covers a wide range of topics relevant to the entertainment industry, including emerging technologies, best practices, market trends, and case studies.

Securing High-Quality Speakers

Invite industry experts, thought leaders, and practitioners to deliver engaging keynote speeches, panel discussions, and workshops. High-profile speakers can attract attendees and add credibility to the event.

Diversifying Formats

Incorporate a mix of formats, such as presentations, panel discussions, interactive workshops, and Q&A sessions, to cater to different learning styles and preferences.

Promoting Networking Opportunities

Designate dedicated networking sessions, meet-and-greet events, and matchmaking platforms to facilitate connections among attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors.

Encouraging Audience Participation

Foster active participation and engagement by encouraging attendees to ask questions, share insights, and participate in discussions during conference sessions.

Exclusive Mini Vlog

Dream Farm Agency recorded an exclusive video of the exhibition featuring Navid Mirzaei, their representative. This mini vlog provided viewers with a unique glimpse into the heart of the exhibition, highlighting key attractions, innovative technologies, and industry insights. You can watch the video on Dream Farm Agency’s YouTube channel


DEAL 2024 demonstrated the evolving landscape of theme parks and water parks, emphasizing the integration of new technologies to enhance visitor experiences.

While the exhibition provided a platform for showcasing innovative solutions and fostering industry connections, certain areas such as PR and social media coverage could be improved for better visibility and engagement. Nevertheless, the event served as a catalyst for driving advancements in the entertainment industry, setting the stage for future collaborations and developments.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Dream Farm Agency looks forward to participating in upcoming exhibitions within the theme parks and water parks industry, including SEO Expo Riyadh (May 7-9), IAAPA Asia in Bangkok (May 28-30), IAAPA Europe in Amsterdam (Sep 24-26), and IAAPA Orlando (Nov 19-22).

Tailored Solutions for Theme Parks and Water Parks

Dream Farm Agency specializes in guiding theme parks through the world of digital transformation. With a focus on storytelling and advanced technology, we tailor creative solutions to address the unique challenges of each park. From concept to execution, we partner with our clients every step of the way, ensuring perfect implementation and ongoing support. Learn more about our theme park experience services.


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