What is Top of Mind Brand Awareness and How to measure it?

What is Top of Mind Brand Awareness and How to measure it?
By Fareena

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Imagine your Brand’s awareness improvement as an elevator ride through the skyscraper of consumer consciousness. It begins with brand recognition – like stepping into the lobby, where people notice your Brand. Then, as the elevator ascends, you elevate to the level of brand recall. Here, you’re not just noticed; you’re remembered. It’s like reaching the middle floors where people recall your Brand when prompted.

Top-of-mind Awareness is the penthouse of this skyscraper. At that level, just a few brands can stay.

The next level is a private room called “Brand Dominance” and it’s just for one brand that dominates the rest. This is when your Brand resides on the highest floor of memory, effortlessly recalled without any prompting.

Now, let’s talk about the penthouse!

Top-of-Mind Awareness Definition

Top-of-mind Awareness (TOMA) is a stage of Brand awareness in which the audience or customer categorizes the Brand in the Top 3 Brands of that Category.

For example, if you ask a person about top Athletic shoe brands he knows, the top three brands he remembers first are her Top-of-mind brands.

Top-of-mind Awareness influences buying decisions. You’re more likely to get chosen when you’re at the Top of mind. Multiple factors are effective in achieving top-of-mind awareness; it’s not just about being seen. Providing outstanding products or services and ensuring great customer experiences are critical. These things make people remember you and keep you at the Top of their minds.

Important Point: The top-of-mind awareness room is so small and limited! People can’t Remember over 3-5 brands in each category of products.

When a brand reaches this stage, it will be in a non-stop Competition with other Top Brands. Any action in this stage is important and will be compared to competitors.

The next level of brand awareness is brand dominance, which indicates that it has gained a major part of the market and dominated other brands. Just a few brands can Achieve this stage.

Building top-of-mind Awareness takes time and effort. You can’t just advertise once and expect people to remember you forever; you must stay in front of your customers and always try to deliver the best you can. 

Marketing andBrandingg are the Front lines of this war, but you can’t do this without a Competitive product.

The Importance of Top-of-Mind Awareness

Achievement to the Top-of-Mind Level will boost your Brand’s visibility and solidify your position as the preferred choice among competitors. It reflects your dedication to building a strong, memorable brand that resonates with your audience.

According to the Definition in the last section, the importance of TOMA is Explicit. Still, it’s good to review some other benefits.

It will help to foster Trust

Top-of-mind Awareness organically creates Trust. By always being at the forefront of consumers’ thoughts, you make your Brand more visible and build Trust and credibility.

According to the Edelman Trust Barometer report, brand trust leads to a 59% higher likelihood of customers purchasing new products, regardless of price.

This Trust is invaluable and lays the foundation for lasting customer relationships. It increases confidence in your products or services, maximizing the chances of customers selecting your Brand over competitors.

Increase Loyal Customers

Being consistently Top of mind builds a strong emotional connection with your audience. Customers who repeatedly encounter your Brand will likely develop a sense of loyalty and affinity for it.

This loyalty results in repeat business and positive word-of-mouth referrals. It solidifies your position in the market and drives sustainable growth for your business.

Strategies to Achieve and Stay at Top-of-Mind level

There are some important notes:

  1. Top-of-mind Awareness isn’t a Different kind of Awareness! We have stages of Awareness that brands can achieve.
  2. Brands should compare themselves with other brands in the same category of product.
  3. In the Marketing view, Awareness is closely connected with Customer Experience, Branding efforts, and Brand image. Brands can only expect to increase awareness through marketing efforts.
  4. Offering high-quality products or services is the first step in increasing brand awareness.

Enhancing Awareness is crucial for staying competitive in today’s market. For this purpose, you need a strategic approach that includes various tactics, from strengthening your brand presence to building meaningful connections with your audience.

Any marketing strategy can affect Awareness, but in each stage, we should choose the best strategy with maximum effectiveness and minimum expense.

In the following headings, we will discuss the most critical actions and strategies to increase brand awareness at this stage.

Conduct Constant Market Research

Constant market research is essential for staying informed about industry trends, consumer preferences, and competitive landscape. By regularly gathering and analyzing data, you can identify emerging opportunities, assess market demand, and anticipate changes in consumer behavior.

Through market research, you can gain invaluable insights into your target audience, adjust your marketing strategies, and make informed business decisions. Surveys, focus groups, competitive analysis, trend monitoring, and staying up-to-date with market research help you stay ahead of the curve.

 These strategies can enhance top-of-mind Awareness and boost your brand presence. Though each tactic contributes significantly, it’s essential to acknowledge that constant research remains imperative.

Ensuring that you invest in ongoing market research enables you to stay nimble amidst changing market dynamics and sustain a competitive advantage.

Branding should be the core of any plan

Branding is pivotal in enhancing top-of-mind Awareness, ensuring your Brand occupies a prominent place in consumers’ minds. It involves a multifaceted approach to define your Brand’s identity and values to resonate with your target audience.

EffectiveBrandingg also involves consistently communicating your brand story. Your brand story is the narrative that represents the identity of your Brand, its journey, and its mission.

By sharing compelling stories about your Brand’s origins, values, and impact, you build emotional connections with your audience and improve its relevance and memorability.

Brands focusing on reaching the Top of the mind have documented fundamentals and plans to make their image compelling and strong. Brands should develop brand DNA, brand identity, brand story end, etc.

Read more about Brand Development.

Building an Omnichannel Presence

An omnichannel presence means being available to your customers across multiple online and offline channels and providing a cohesive and integrated experience across all touchpoints.

It includes your website, social media platforms, email marketing campaigns, physical stores (if applicable), and any other channels where customers may interact with your Brand.

By being present where your customers are and ensuring a consistent experience across all channels, you can strengthen your Brand’s visibility and accessibility.

Implement Consistent Marketing Campaigns

It’s almost impossible to think that we can approach TOMA with one or two campaigns. If you watch top brands, campaigns are Consistent with innovative ideas.

As we mentioned before, brands at this level try to remain Top of mind. If we stop advertising or campaigns, brands will be forgotten.

Engaging with Customers on Social Media

Social media offers a dynamic platform to engage with their audience, establish relationships, and promote their Brand. Engaging with your customers on social media involves actively participating in conversations, responding to comments and messages, sharing valuable content, and providing timely customer support.

By humanizing your Brand and fostering meaningful interactions with your audience, you can strengthen customer loyalty and keep your brand top of mind.

Oreo Brand Social media is a good example of achieving this goal. Oreo’s Instagram page exemplifies effective customer engagement on social media through its vibrant, playful content and interactive posts.

Oreo also leverages user-generated content and challenges, encouraging followers to participate and share their experiences with the product. Additionally, Oreo actively responds to comments and messages, fostering a sense of community and making customers feel valued and heard. This dynamic approach not only boosts engagement but also strengthens brand Awareness.

Brand awareness in social media

Additionally, social media enables you to gather valuable insights into your audience’s preferences, interests, and behavior. It can inform your marketing strategies and improve overall engagement.

Offering excellent Customer Experience

Creating exceptional customer experiences is essential for customer retention and building brand loyalty. It involves providing excellent service at every touchpoint, from initial touch to post-purchase support.

Focusing on meeting and exceeding customer expectations can cultivate positive interactions that leave a lasting impression. Accordingly, you must be responsive to inquiries, resolve issues promptly, and personalize the customer experience to cater to individual needs and preferences.

By prioritizing customer satisfaction, you can acquire loyal customers who are inclined to return and recommend your business to others.

Try Immersive and interactive storytelling

Typical campaigns are now becoming cliche!

Modern and flagship brands try to create great experiences for customers by creating unforgettable moments that are full of emotion.

In this objective, two concepts are popular: “Immersive” and “interactive”.

Whether through interactive online platforms, engaging in-store experiences, or immersive events, every touchpoint becomes an opportunity to create an exceptional customer experience and lasting emotions.

These immersive experiences evoke emotions, resonate with customers’ values, and foster strong connections, ensuring that your Brand remains forefront of their minds. 

As you know, brand names will be forgotten, but if you impress the audience emotionally, your brands will stick to the Top of your mind for at least a few years.

As customers actively participate in these experiences and become part of your brand story, they are likely to remember and engage with your business.

Our team of specialists is devoted to supporting your Brand’s journey, providing creative digital solutions and interactive media experiences customized to your unique needs.

Given the complexity of implementing these technologies, our proficient team is available to assist you through each step of the process. We personalize and integrate interactive solutions into your overall marketing strategies to boost top-of-mind Awareness.

Host Events

Hosting or attending more events provides valuable opportunities to connect with your target audience in person, helping you expand your Brand’s reach and visibility.

Whether it’s industry conferences, trade shows, networking events, or community gatherings, events offer a platform to showcase your Brand, products, and services. You can connect with potential customers, establish relationships, and generate leads by actively participating in events.

Additionally, attending events lets you stay informed about industry trends, network with peers, and gather valuable insights to inform your business strategies.

Consider sensoryBrandingg

Brands can forge emotional Connections in the customers’ minds by appealing to their senses.

If each time you enter a shopping center and smell a unique and constant odor, it will affect your perception of the Brand and products. Using sound, Sight, Smell, Taste, and touch is part of sensoryBrandingg and is a high level of marketing.

Measuring Top-of-Mind Awareness

Measuring awareness is crucial for understanding your brand’s performance and impact on the market.

It involves assessing various indicators to evaluate how consumers remember and consider your Brand.

There is one metric that is directly related to Top-of-Mind Awareness, and other metrics indirectly indicate all stages of Awareness in general.

One metric to rule TOPMA!

The best metric to measure Top-of-mind Awareness is the “Unaided Awareness metric.” It works as described below.

You can Design a survey to ask audience questions similar to these examples:

  1. Can you Name the first Brand that comes to your mind when you want to buy a Laptop?
  2. What are the top brands in the handbag category?
  3. What are the 3 top brands of energy drinks?

Then you calculate what percentage of Respondents said your brand name in the top 3 (top of mind) or what percentage said the brand name in the top 5 (reaching the Top of mind)

Finally, divide the number of people who mentioned your Brand by the total number of people surveyed and multiply by 100 to express it as a percentage.

Then, you can compare it with competitors and periodical statistics of each period.

TOM Awareness = (Number of mentions in top 3 / Total respondents) x 100

Measuring Referral Sources data

Understanding your referral sources can provide valuable insights into your Brand’s high-level Awareness. 

You can track referral sources through various channels, such as customer surveys, website analytics, and customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

When Referrals happen, it means that you have customers which you are at the Top of mind and therefore suggest you to other people.

Social Listening and Brand mention

Social listening tools help you track conversations about your Brand across various social media platforms. These tools allow you to track mentions, hashtags, and keywords related to your Brand.

Analyzing social media conversations lets you gain meaningful insights into how customers interpret and interact with your Brand. As a result, you can measure positive or negative Conversations and categorize them as a brand awareness metric.

Also, identify emerging issues or opportunities and inform your Brand’s marketing and communication strategies.

Market Share

Calculating your Brand’s market share is instrumental in understanding the extent of top-of-mind Awareness. Market share indicates the proportion of total sales or customers your Brand captures within its industry or market segment.

A higher market share suggests that your Brand is more visible and preferred by consumers than competitors, indicating a stronger top-of-mind awareness. By analyzing market share data, you can gain insights into how effectively your Brand is positioned in consumers’ minds about competitors.

Moreover, a deeper understanding of market share enables you to identify growth opportunities, refine your marketing strategies, and enhance your Brand’s visibility and presence in the market, ultimately driving top-of-mind Awareness.

Branded Search as a Metric for Awareness

Search engine data analysis determines the percentage of searches related to your Brand. By monitoring the Branded keyword search volume as a metric, you can relate it to brand awareness.

Also, we have non-branded keywords related to products or campaigns, encompassing needs or interests related to the Brand but not explicitly mentioning your Brand.

By distinguishing between branded and related to brand searches, you can analyze the effectiveness of your branding actions.

A higher share of Search indicates greater brand awareness, and it can be a supportive metric to primary metrics and top-of-mind Awareness among consumers actively searching for products or services in your industry.

Measuring top-of-mind Awareness requires a comprehensive approach considering various indicators across different channels. Utilizing various metrics allows you to assess the performance of your marketing strategies and make calculated decisions to enhance top-of-mind Awareness and drive business growth.

Inspiring Examples

Examples of top-of-mind Awareness can offer valuable insights into effective brand strategies. Observing prominent brands like Apple, Nike, and McDonald’s can provide practical lessons for enhancing your Brand’s visibility and recognition.

Apple Quality and innovation as a branding strategy

When you think about technology, Apple is often the first Brand that comes to mind. Their unwavering presence in the market and innovative product offerings have established their status as a leader in top-of-mind Awareness.

You can learn valuable lessons from Apple’s success by prioritizing innovation in your products and services. By consistently pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, Apple has developed a loyal customer base that awaits its latest releases.

Their focus on sleek design, intuitive user experience, and cutting-edge technology has set them apart from competitors and solidified their position as a household name.

Furthermore, their meticulously crafted advertising campaigns, unique product launches, and strategic partnerships have helped them maintain a strong presence in the minds of consumers.

Apple’s success in achieving top-of-mind Awareness is a valuable example for businesses looking to strengthen their brand recognition. By prioritizing innovation, quality, brand identity, marketing, and customer experience, you can increase your Brand’s visibility and stay top-of-mind with your target audience.

In Apple’s example, product quality plays a central role in marketing, but branding actions are designed to deliver this message best and always be on Top of other brands.

Nike inspires people to be Top of mind

Nike’s far-reaching market presence and powerfulBrandingg have made it a household name worldwide. You can draw valuable insights from Nike’s success to enhance your Brand’s visibility.

Nike has developed a compelling narrative that resonates with consumers by prioritizing brand identity and storytelling. 

Their memorable slogan, “Just Do It,” has become synonymous with athleticism, motivation, and success.

Nike’s strong brand identity, values, strategic partnerships, and celebrity endorsements have played a key role in their top-of-mind Awareness. Collaborating with influential athletes and celebrities has helped Nike reach a wider audience.

Furthermore, Nike’s marketing campaigns are a cornerstone of their top-of-mind Awareness. Their bold and inspiring advertisements resonate with consumers and form emotional connections with the Brand.

Maintaining top-of-mind Awareness requires a multifaceted approach that includes various channels and touchpoints. 

It involves consistently engaging with your target audience across social media, email marketing, advertising, and other platforms to reinforce your brand presence.

By diversifying your marketing efforts and reaching consumers across multiple channels to make the best products or deliver the best service, you can increase your Brand’s Awareness and stay top-of-mind with your audience.

Contact us to tap into the latest advancements in marketing technology and ideas to develop your Brand’s Awareness.

We stay committed to excellence and innovation, helping you establish your Brand as a leader in the minds of consumers and driving sustained growth and success.


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