Top 50 Virtual Influencers to Follow in 2024

Top 50 Virtual Influencers to Follow in 2024
Top Virtual Influencers
By Siavash

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Let’s explore the fascinating world of Virtual Influencers, where technology meets personality in the most captivating way.

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Top Virtual Influencers in 2024

1. Lil Miquela – The Trailblazer

1. LilMiquela

Created by Brud, a Los Angeles-based company, Lil Miquela, also known as Miquela Sousa, has become an icon in the virtual influencer space. With millions of followers on Instagram, she has collaborated with major brands, including Prada and Calvin Klein, blurring the lines between virtual and reality.

Despite her digital nature, Lil Miquela presents herself much like a human influencer, sharing posts about fashion, music, and her daily life, including hanging out with friends, attending events, and advocating for social causes.

Miquela operates primarily in the fashion and music industries, collaborating with renowned fashion brands and magazines. She’s appeared in high-profile advertising campaigns and editorials and even released her music singles, showcasing her versatility and appeal across both fields.

Beyond entertainment, Lil Miquela often engages in discussions about social issues, using her platform to support causes like Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ+ rights, and environmental sustainability. This blend of activism with her work in fashion and music amplifies her impact, making her a digital icon for the modern age.

Through Lil Miquela, we witness the potential of virtual influencers to shape trends and drive meaningful conversations in the digital landscape.

2. Shudu – The World’s First Digital Supermodel

2. shudugram_glamour_2may18_insta_hero

Created by the visionary photographer Cameron-James Wilson, Shudu is the world’s first digital supermodel. She is a stunning combination of artistry and advanced technology. Her creation marks a revolutionary moment in the fashion industry, embodying an idealized form of beauty through pixels and digital skill. Shudu’s impact extends beyond mere visual appeal; she represents a forward-thinking exploration of what beauty can signify in the digital age.

Her collaborations span high-profile campaigns with luxury powerhouses, including Balmain and Fenty Beauty by Rihanna, showcasing her versatility and the broad appeal of digital models. Shudu’s involvement in these campaigns has not only challenged traditional norms within the modeling industry but has also sparked conversations about diversity, representation, and the future of fashion in a digital world.

Through Shudu, Cameron-James Wilson has not just created a digital model. Still, he has paved the way for a new genre of fashion iconography. She shows us the endless possibilities of mixing art with technology, changing how we see beauty and fashion.

3. Noonoouri – The Fashion Icon

3. Noonoouri

With her distinctive big eyes and love for high fashion, Noonoouri collaborates with top-rank fashion houses like Dior and Versace, advocating for important social causes. Noonoouri was created by Joerg Zuber, a graphic designer and the creative mind behind the digital character.

Noonoouri emerges as a captivating figure in the virtual influencer landscape, instantly recognizable by her oversized, expressive eyes and a penchant for haute couture. This digital fashion icon has carved a niche by partnering with the crème de la crème of the fashion world, including illustrious brands such as Dior and Versace. Her collaborations with these high-fashion houses go beyond mere endorsements; they blend style and substance seamlessly, bringing avant-garde designs and trends to her substantial online following.

But Noonoouri’s influence extends beyond the glittering allure of fashion. She is a vocal advocate for a variety of social issues, utilizing her platform to shed light on and support causes close to her heart. This duality of fashion and activism defines Noonoouri, making her not just a digital model but a symbol of how influence can be wielded for the greater good.

4. Lu do Magalu – Brazil’s Sweetheart

4. lu du magula

Since 2009, Lu, also known as Lu do Magalu, has been the charismatic virtual ambassador for Magazine Luiza, one of the leading retail giants in Brazil.
She bridges the brand and its vast consumer base, offering valuable shopping guidance and technology insights.

With a presence on multiple social media platforms, Lu reaches millions of followers, delivering content that ranges from the latest tech gadgets to savvy shopping tips, all tailored to enhance the consumer experience. Her engaging online persona, combined with her expert advice, has boosted Magazine Luiza’s online presence and solidified her status as Brazil’s digital sweetheart.
Lu’s influence is a testament to the power of innovative marketing strategies in the digital age. By blending relatability with expertise, she has redefined customer engagement, making technology and shopping more accessible to the masses.

5. Imma – Japan’s Virtual It-Girl


The first virtual human and model in Japan, Imma, was produced by Aww Inc.
With her eye-catching pink hair, Imma stands out in Japan’s digital scene, diving into art, fashion, and culture. She works with brands, graces magazine pages, and highlights how virtual influencers are making their mark worldwide.

ُhe was selected for “New 100 Talent To Watch” by Japan Economics Entertainment. Isn’t it cool?

She embodies the intersection of art, fashion, and culture, marking her territory as the “It-Girl” of the digital domain. Her involvement goes beyond mere appearances; Imma actively engages with leading brands and graces the pages of prestigious magazines, showcasing her versatility and the expansive reach of virtual influencers.

Her collaborations span diverse projects, from high-fashion photoshoots to innovative art exhibitions, illustrating the dynamic ways digital personalities can influence and participate in various industries. Imma’s presence in these spaces not only highlights her as a fashion and cultural icon but also signals the growing acceptance and potential of virtual influencers on a global scale.

6. Aitana Lopez – The Spanish girl with a Human Touch

6. Aitana
“Is she real or virtual? It’s a question that inevitably arises when you see Aitana. Aitana Lopez is a conceptual virtual influencer designed by The Clueless company to appear with a distinctly human touch, making her stand out in the digital influencer landscape.

She posts stunning pictures of herself with Spanish captions, but her followers come from all over the world. She usually talks about fitness, fashion, and traveling around Europe.
The idea of Aitana Lopez highlights the evolving landscape of digital influencers, where the line between virtual and real continues to blur. This allows for innovative ways to connect with audiences, share stories, and even advocate for causes with a depth of emotion and authenticity previously unattainable by non-human entities.



Superplastic is the world’s premier creator of animated synthetic celebrities, designer toys, and apparel. Home to Janky, Guggimon, Dayzee & Staxx and Ghost Kidz. Superplastic was created by artist and entrepreneur Paul Budnitz (Kidrobot, Ello, Budnitz Bicycles).

DAYZEE, GUGGIMON, JANKY, and GHOST KIDZ represent various virtual characters, each with unique backgrounds, styles, and cultural impacts. While not all of these figures are as widely recognized or documented as some virtual influencers, their presence in digital culture and entertainment showcases the broad spectrum of creativity and engagement virtual characters can offer.

11. CB – Shop assistant

11. Casa Behia

Casas Bahia, a retail store in Brazile, introduced a virtual influencer named CB in 2017 as part of its marketing strategy to connect with younger consumers and digital audiences.
CB is designed to embody the brand’s values and engage with audiences through social media, promoting products and participating in trending topics.

This approach allows Casas Bahia to tap into the virtual influencer trend, reaching a wide audience that is relatable and innovative and strengthening its online presence among younger shoppers.

12. Nobody Sausage, Latin Sausage

12. Nobody-Sasuage-character

Nobody Sausage is a Portugues viral virtual influencer and animated character created by Kael Cabral. This project combines entertaining dance moves and engaging content, appealing to a broad audience across social media.

It’s a vibrant, animated sausage character that brings joy and positive vibes, embodying the principle of having fun and embracing one’s inner child through creative expression.
The character and its creator have developed content for notable brands while promoting happiness and open-mindedness​​​​​​.

13. Bermuda, Virtual Fame

13. Bermuda

Gorgeous and charming! Bermuda stands out as one of the most famous virtual influencers. She is famous for her bold personality and striking appearance.

She gained attention for a staged incident where she “hacked” fellow virtual influencer Lil Miquela’s Instagram, a move that turned out to be a publicity stunt.

Known for her flashy style and involvement in high-profile brand collaborations, Bermuda’s content spans fashion and music. Despite her virtual status, she engages audiences with storylines that blur reality and fiction, showcasing the evolving role of digital personas in influencer marketing.

But the last post that she published on Instagram was September 2020!

14. Kizuna AI – Japanese TikToker

14. Kizuna AI

Introducing Kizuna AI, a pioneering virtual YouTuber from Japan known for engaging with fans through Q&A sessions, vlogs, and gaming content.

With a rapid rise to fame, Kizuna has captivated a TikTok audience of over 3 million followers, showcasing her exceptional dance moves and charming anime-inspired appearance. Her unique 2D style stands out, drawing comparisons to beloved anime characters, a factor contributing to her widespread popularity across social platforms.

Kizuna’s venture into the entertainment industry doesn’t stop at digital content creation; she’s also appeared on television shows and in commercials, demonstrating her versatile appeal.

Currently, she’s exploring opportunities in the music industry, aiming to establish herself as a recording artist. Kizuna AI’s journey from a virtual YouTuber to a multifaceted digital celebrity highlights the evolving landscape of entertainment and the growing influence of virtual personalities.

15. K/DA – Pop Culture Revolution

15. ALL_OUT_-_KDA_2

K/DA! Born from the universe of League of Legends, this digital pop group blends the lines between fantasy and reality, transforming the music scene with their electrifying hits.
With members Ahri, Akali, Evelynn, and Kai’Sa, K/DA exploded onto the scene in 2019, captivating audiences with chart-toppers like ‘THE BADDEST’ and ‘MORE.’

Their groundbreaking collaborations with real-world stars, such as Madison Beer and Kim Petras, have set a new standard for what virtual entertainment can achieve. K/DA isn’t just a band; it’s a global phenomenon, proving that music, gaming, and virtual influencers are a powerhouse combo​.

16. Leya Love – Love Ambessador

16. Leya Love

Leya Love is an ambassador of the #WorldAwarenessMovement, which debuted on January 29, 2020. She’s on a global mission to spread love, sustainability awareness, and compassion.

Leya aims to inspire her community with content that celebrates nature and encourages living a life filled with empathy, gratitude, and compassion.

Created by Cosmic Universe, Leya has quickly touched millions of hearts and advocates for a positive, nature-respecting, and heart-driven social media presence​.

17. B – Beeninfluencer

17. Bee.

Meet B, a unique presence on Instagram, is known as the first-ever “beenfluencer.” B is not just any influencer; it’s an actual bee with a vital mission: to save its fellow bees.

Through raising awareness and collaborating with global brands, B aims to highlight the importance of bees to our ecosystem. B’s strong belief is that partnerships with more brands mean a greater impact on their crucial mission.

Already, B has teamed up with notable names like Bumble Fit, Guerlain, and Galeries Lafayette, demonstrating the power of influencer marketing in advocating for environmental causes.

18. APOKI – Global Beats

18. Apoki
APOKI is a virtual artist from South Korea, known for her unique identity as a virtual rabbit. She debuted on April 17, 2019, and has since garnered around 1.7 million fans across YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, captivating them with her distinctive music and dance performances.

APOKI’s work blends various genres, such as K-pop, pop, hip-hop, and EDM, sung in Korean, Japanese, and English, symbolizing her artistic journey on Earth since 2019.

Her popularity is attributed to her innovative approach to music and performance, making her a trailblazer in the virtual artist space in Korea. Despite the challenges of being a virtual entity, APOKI is optimistic about the future collaboration between virtual and real-world artists, aiming to diversify the music market​.

19. GEICO Gecko – Green Influencer

19. gecko

GEICo Gecko is one of the most well-known creatures in the virtual influencer’s world. A fictional green-colored lizard is the company’s mascot and spokesperson in various television commercials, print advertisements, and digital media.

Introduced in 1999, the GEICO Gecko quickly became a beloved figure in advertising due to its charm, wit, and memorable catchphrase, “15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.”
Over the years, the GEICO Gecko has evolved and appeared in numerous commercials, showcasing its distinctive personality and comedic timing. Its popularity has helped establish GEICO as one of the leading insurance providers in the United States while also leaving a lasting impression on audiences worldwide.

20. Qai Qai – Huge Baby

20. Qai

Qai Qai is a doll created by Serena Williams, the renowned tennis champion, and her husband, Alexis Ohanian, the co-founder of Reddit.

Qai Qai gained fame as the “favourite” doll of Serena Williams’ daughter, Olympia Ohanian. The name “Qai Qai” was reportedly inspired by the Filipino word “kai-kai,” which means “food” or “to eat.”

Qai Qai has become a social media sensation, primarily through her Instagram account, where she is portrayed as a sassy and adventurous doll who often engages in humorous and relatable antics.

The popularity of Qai Qai has led to collaborations with various brands and appearances at high-profile events.

21. KAF – Virtual Singer

21. kaf

Kaf is a virtual singer and a character portrayed as a lonely schoolgirl from Japan, recognized for her distinctive pink hair.

Her character often explores the city at night, singing songs that touch on melancholy and lost love themes.

Created by Kami Tsubaki Studio, a team dedicated to blending music with various forms of storytelling and art, Kaf stands out in the virtual influencer space for her emotive music and unique visual presence.

22. Blawko – The Mysterious

22. Blawko

Blawko was created in 2016 by Brud. You can see the word Brud tattooed on his right thigh.

Blawko, often referred to as a “digital model,” keeps a part of his face hidden and shares snippets of his virtual life, showing that even virtual influencers can have an air of mystery.

23. Code Miko – The Interactive Technowizard

23. Code_

Code Miko, also known as “Miko,” is an innovative virtual influencer and streamer known for her interactive live streams and engaging content in the gaming and entertainment space.
Created by a developer known as “The Technician,” Miko stands out in the gaming and entertainment for her interactive content and technical sophistication.

24. AI Ailynn – The Digital Dreamweaver

AI Ailynn

Ailynn possesses a lively character, a unique personality, and an aesthetic that resonates with a distinct audience demographic. She captivates those intrigued by the fusion of digital culture and real-life trends. Her qualities have landed her in many advertisements in Thailand.

25. Kyraonig – The Enigmatic Presence

25. kyra_

Kyraonig, an Indian virtual influencer, entered the industry in January 2022 and has swiftly gained success in the digital avatar world with more than 220K followers on Instagram.
She introduced herself as a dream chaser, model, and traveler.

26. Ayayi – The Virtual Visionary

26. Ayayi

Chinese virtual influencers are known for their realistic appearance and engaging social media presence. Ayayi’s content typically includes fashion, lifestyle, and cultural topics, reflecting the interests and trends of her target audience.

She is notable for her ability to cross-cultural and linguistic boundaries and engage with a wide audience through curated posts and interactions.

27. Seraphine – The Virtual Popstar

27. Seraphine

Created for the world of League of Legends in 2020, Seraphine crossed over into the real world with her music, engaging fans of the game and pop music alike.

28. Rozy – The Forever Young South Korean

28. Rozy

Rozy is designed to never age, capitalizing on South Korea’s booming beauty and entertainment industry, and has secured several brand endorsements and advertising contracts.

29. soymar.ia – The Cybernetic Companion

29. _soy-maria

As a Mexican virtual character, Maria works as a foodie influencer. She’s a creation of the “internet of things, company” blending Mexican snacks, grandmother’s recipes, and artificial intelligence.
She’s deeply passionate about environmental awareness, mental health, gender equality, and inclusivity as well.

30. Ion Gottlich – The Herculean Cyclist

30. Ion

Meet one of the most charismatic influencers of the digital world, Ion. He is celebrated in the cycling and sports community for his exaggerated muscular physique and humorous take on professional cycling.

He shares content related to cycling, fitness, and motivation across social media, engaging fans with a mix of inspiration and comedy.

31. Milla Sofia – The Emerging Enchantress

31. milla

A 24-year-old virtual girl living in Helsinki, Milla Sofia introduced herself on her Instagram account like this. She shares her daily life with a glance on fashion and beauty on her Instagram account.

32. Any Malu – Animated One

32. Any

Any Malu is a popular Brazilian virtual influencer and Cartoon Network star known for her fully animated, virtual YouTuber presence. With over 3 million YouTube subscribers and a significant following across social media platforms, she brings a unique blend of humor and animation to her audience.

33. Puff Puff – Spreading Positivity

33. puff

Puff Puff is a virtual influencer and affirmational penguin with over 2 million TikTok followers. He focuses on spreading positivity and affirmations, offering a consistent, simple, safe, and positive media channel. Puff Puff’s content and engagement with fans highlight the internet’s need for positive messages and cute animals.​

34. Ella Stoller – The Digital Model

34. ella-stoller

Ella Stoller is a digital model from Tel Aviv, Israel, represented by ITM Models. She first appeared on November 21, 2019, and has since engaged audiences on various social media platforms.

35. Luks – Metaverse Boy


Luks presents himself as a virtual influencer living in the metaverse: “I’m not a robot.”

Luks represents the Metaverse embodiment of Lucas Rangel, a widely recognized Brazilian digital content creator. This avatar was crafted using the advanced MetaHuman Creator tool, designed to produce highly realistic digital humans. Through this technology, Luks bridges the gap between virtual and physical realities, allowing Rangel to extend his creative expression and audience engagement into the Metaverse, a collective virtual shared space.

36. Astrolovesu – teenage hypebeast alien

36. astrolovesu

Astrolovesu is a virtual influencer portrayed as a teenage hypebeast alien from Los Angeles.

Born 50 lightyears away on planet Gemini, he identifies as half-human, half-alien. Astro enjoys producing lo-fi beats, is a food lover and shoe enthusiast, and values his connections, including his cousin Nebula and other virtual and real-world creatives. Created by Shadows Interactive, Astro’s unique blend of cultures and interests makes him a standout character in the virtual influencer space​.

37. Zoe Dvir – The Middle Eastern Marvel

37. Zeo

Zoe represents Middle Eastern beauty and has collaborated with local and international brands, bringing diversity to the virtual influencer space in 2019.

38. Anna Cattish – Russian Cutie

38 Anna

Anna Cattish is a virtual influencer, illustrator, and animator from Russia known for her cute yet edgy art style. She often shares sketches and digital artwork, particularly on Instagram, and is associated with the visual label Honkfu. Anna first appeared in the digital world on January 10, 2011.

39. Daisy Yoox – The Virtual Model with a Cause

39. Daisy

Daisy, mirroring actress Hannah Gross, indulges in a lavish lifestyle that includes regular travel, high fashion, and associations with fashion influencers and innovators.

She’s a standout in the virtual world and is also connected with Noonoouri, a fellow renowned virtual figure in fashion. Created by YOOX, the premier online lifestyle store, Daisy is a digital ambassador, embodying a human woman to showcase YOOX’s apparel offerings.

40. AI Angelica – The Tech Enthusiast

40. _AI Angel

AI Angel explores the latest in technology and gaming, engaging with audiences interested in tech advancements and the future of AI.

41. Koffi Gram – Black Model

41. koffi

Koffi Gram, from Weymouth, Dorset, England, made his first appearance on January 2, 2019.

Koffi Gram: In the virtual world, he focuses on promoting inclusivity and diversity, forming complex relationships like those in the physical world, and contributing to the cultural variety of virtual influencers.

42. Laila Blue – The Ocean Advocate

42. Laila

Laila Blue emerged as the Middle East’s first virtual influencer, captivating followers with her half-Lebanese, half-French identity, and full CGI essence.

Designed to spark curiosity and dialogue around virtual influence and authenticity, Laila symbolizes a blend of digital innovation and cultural commentary. Laila uses her platform to highlight ocean conservation efforts, showing the potential for virtual influencers to engage in environmental activism.

43. Clydeo – Anistoon’s Pet

43. Clydeo

Jennifer Aniston introduced a virtual pet named Clydeo, an animated dog who is a cook and aspires to be a food blogger. Unlike typical pets, Clydeo dislikes walks and prefers cooking, aiming to build his food empire. This venture into digital character creation by Aniston aims to engage both new and existing fans by expanding her celebrity narrative into the virtual space​.

44. Maya Gram – The Digital Wellness Coach

44. maya-gram

Maya, the Southeast Asian Virtual Girl, offers wellness and mindfulness advice, catering to the growing interest in mental health and personal well-being.

45. Samantha – The Virtual Fitness Guru

45. Samantha

Samantha promotes fitness and healthy living, demonstrating exercises and sharing nutrition tips, showing the versatility of virtual influencers.

46. Alara X – Turkish Character

Alara X

Alara X is a virtual influencer from Istanbul, introduced on October 15, 2021. She’s described as a digital human or robot and is the first digital star for IAMX HUMAN LLC. Alara X represents a new wave of virtual influencers, blending the lines between humanity and technology​.

47. Rae – Mystery Skater

47. Rae

Singapore’s premier virtual influencer, Rae, is hyper-realistic virtual personas.

With her skateboard as a trusty companion and a passion for street culture, Rae fearlessly explores the bustling urban environment, always seeking new and exciting adventures.
Rae is known for her expressive nature, audacious spirit, and willingness to explore new horizons while pushing the limits. Despite her captivating presence, Rae’s origins remain shrouded in mystery.

48. Lechat – K-Pop Fan

48. Lechat

With an insatiable curiosity for Earth’s culture, Lechat immerses herself in the vibrant worlds of K-Pop and American cinema. With her trademark adorable cat ears and stylish short brown hair, Lechat is an irresistible character that instantly captivates hearts.

Lechat dazzles her audience on TikTok with captivating dance videos that seamlessly blend into the latest trends and sounds. Additionally, she fosters an interactive community by graciously responding to fan inquiries in the comment section, further cementing her status as a beloved virtual influencer.

49. Naina – Indian Stylist

49. Naina

Introduced in 2022 by Avtr Meta Labs, Naina Avtr has swiftly amassed a considerable following on Instagram, currently exceeding 192,000 followers. Hailing from Jhansi and portrayed as a 22-year-old, Naina shares diverse content, including fitness and fashion tips, trendy dance performances, captivating fashion shoots, travel adventures, and collaborations with renowned brands like Nykaa, Puma, and Pepsi.

50. Wunni – Thai Meta Human

50. Wunni

Wunni is a virtual influencer from Bangkok, Thailand, who first appeared on August 9, 2021. She describes herself as a “Digital Creator Meta Human” and invites followers to engage with “Today,” signifying her name and perhaps a broader concept of living in the moment.

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