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Are you in the game? Distinguish your business from others in the most ambitious project of mankind! We design and implement your business in the Metaverse to expand your presence among your competitors across the world of the internet, growing your business accessibility to attract more customers and deepening your customer relationship.

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Dream Farm designs, builds, operates, markets and monetizes your business across the Metaverse



We are your strategic partners to develop your business launch into the metaverse, helping you decide about every important detail and quality of the entrance into a whole new WORLD! You can trust our experts for your advisory for selecting the best suitable lands in the best-fitted Metaverse for you. We are here to help you all the way entering the Metaverse, from strategic planning to Metaverse land selection and NFT collection launch

Metaverse-Marketing Planning

Metaland Selection

NFT Marketplace Selection

NFT Collection


Considering our 9 years of experience delivering lucid pieces of art in various styles using a handful of techniques, your Metaverse, and NFT art will stand out and help your community achieve its goals. Since we have experienced designers at the core of our team, we are passionate about pinpointing your business’s needs and delivering a detailed action plan to support our steps towards implementation. Our tech experts help your business go all the way in generating, minting, and listing your NFTs. Also, we develop software solutions customized for your purpose to fulfill your customers acquiring their unique tokens and optimizing your loyalty services for NFT transactions.


Virtual Store Selection

Metaland Architecture

Virtual Character/Avatar

NFT Variations


Our partnership wouldn’t be possible without ensuring your value chain efficiency. We would provide you with plenty of metaverse marketing solutions aligned with your strategy, plan and implement bold Metaverse events & exhibitions in partnership with influencers of your industry, and also offer a plethora of social media software solutions to arrange your giveaways and other advertising campaigns. Regarding our capability of implementing your tokenized customer club crypto-based service, we distinguish your loyalty plans.

Virtual Ads

Virtual Events & Exhibitions

Social Media Marketing

Digital Campaign Planning (Launch, Awareness, …)

Digital PR

Community-Based Customer Club

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