Navigating Metaverse Platforms: Where to Promote Your Brand

Navigating Metaverse Platforms: Where to Promote Your Brand
Navigating Metaverse Platforms
By Rojan

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If you want to enhance your brand’s position in the market, you need to enter a powerful realm that there is no limit in. It is called the metaverse market. Brands can go beyond the imagination borders and achieve an immersive way for engaging customers. In this article, we are going to get familiar with the top 10  metaverse platforms and give you some special key strategies to boost your brand performance in the metaverse market.

The Power of Metaverse Branding: Top 10 Metaverse Platforms

Metaverse has achieved great popularity during recent decades. Recent advanced technologies such as AR and VR, 5g network, Blockchain, NFTs, and so on help brands to grow faster. Some brands use these opportunities; and they make their brands glory in this vast and infinite world. Here are some of successful Metaverse Platforms in 2023:

  1. Decentraland (MANA)

    This platform has a decentralized structure that benefits LAND agreements for trading digital properties. Decentraland has its own native token named MANA and users earn money with this digital coin. This platform gives users a special offer for consumers such as creative tools for designing and building their personal virtual environment.


  2. The Sandbox (SAND)

    The second most popular metaverse platform that uses Ethereum as a digital coin is The Sandbox¬¬. This blockchain uses DAO architecture and provides smart contracts for virtual lands and assets. To decrease the transition cost The Sandbox shifted to Polygon’s layer 2 which is faster and has a faster transformation time. Users can create their NFTs and use them in game markets. This platform introduces many new updates in 2023 and it hopes to enhance the immersive Metaverse experience and achieve first place in the top 10.



    A game platform for whose love is games. This global platform creates a sensation in blockchain that permits users to gain unlivable income while playing in the metaverse. AXS and SLP are two powerful digital coins that users are allowed to use. Having a powerful contract, a positive environmental impact, and Axis digital creatures are positive unique features of the AXIE INFINITY.


  4. GALA

    This is an amazing platform that combines sports with NFTs and lets gamers exchange different types of virtual goods using GALA (The GALA platform token). Mirandus and Fortified are two examples of games that are offered by Gala to users for playing games. This platform planned to release GalaVerse which is a virtual world for users’ communications and Twon Star 2 which is an agricultural enhanced game.

    GALA game

  5. Enjin Coin (ENJ)

    This blockchain-based platform uses ERC-20 Enjin to facilitate trading purchases of virtual goods and boost the value of virtual real estate. Enjin has created a safe market for gamers and developers to exchange their virtual goods easily. Some of the special features of this platform are Enjin Beam and Enjin Multiverse. The first one is for immediate free exchange and the second one is used for interconnected virtual worlds.

    Enjin Coin (ENJ)

  6. Metahero (HERO)

    Metahero counts as a new entrant in the metaverse world. It is well-known for its 3D scans that are used for creating characters based on real persons and physical objects. This platform provides a special avatar-creating system by giving them the ability to design avatars with customizable talents and abilities. Here AI is used as a behavior developer which means that artificial intelligence analyzes user behavior and gives a dynamic and engaging experience to players.


  7. Star Atlas (ATLAS)

    This platform is a game that happens in the future in the year 2620. It operates on the Solana Blockchain and ATLAS and POLIS are used as currencies in the game. In this game ATLAS is used for trading in NFT-based markets; however, PPLIS gives players the opportunity to elaborate on “political intrigue”. Star Atlas recreates remarkable lands in virtual space that are the same as the real world. The emphasis of this platform is on cooperating with charities for virtual events and sales.

  8. Bloktopia

    Bloktopia is a creative metaverse platform that pictures a 21-story skyscraper where users can communicate with each other, learn, trade, and many other things. Only 6 levels of this building are available, no one knows what the other levels’ stories are. This platform by using an advanced AI system distinguishes itself from others, providing realistic interactions, and putting priority on the privacy and security of users. Bloktopia goes beyond a metaverse and people know it as a social platform that impacts many social cases through partnership support.


  9. Voxels (CVPA)

    This metaverse platform is Inspired by Minecraft and offers digital and customizable land blocks to users. CVPA is the currency used for deals. Voxels are unique NFT land where owners can trade virtual objects in or create objects and trade virtual properties with special features. Graphics used in the Voxels lands are like video games (It reminds us of Minecraft Graphic) with a polygon graphics style that has a user-friendly editor for people.


  10. Roblox

    Roblox is a vast and diverse universe that prepares a playground for both gamers and developers to team up and create. In this platform, social communication, gaming, and creativity twist to each other. Users not only create the content but also consume it. The cooperation between creators and players makes this platform grow and change it to artistic expression and shared interaction.


Key Strategies for boosting your presence in metaverse

We all know that the next frontier of businesses is looking to participate with consumers in an immersive way. So, the best way is using the metaverse where brands can evolve in a variety of digital environments of this vast landscape. In this part we are going to introduce some ways or powerful strategies that help businesses face barriers In Front of their way of joining the metaverse. After that we will show you some successful bands and describe the way they chose.

Creating Virtual Spaces:

Establish a virtual space for your brand and make it deceptive for your consumers. Dive into design and create an eye-catching visual place that twists with your brand identity so users can easily interact with it. Focus on creating a virtual place that is user-friendly and mirrors the sense of your brand’s physical location.

Interactive Experiences:

Using interactive elements makes your audience participate in your metaverse. Creating interactive experiences can happen by hosting events, interactive workshops, or even virtual concerts that increase the excitement among attendees. Remember your programs should be dynamic to be more memorable and leave an ever-lasting impression on users. It does not matter if you are launching a product or showing a live product exhibition, just make it spirited and dynamic.

A dynamic and vibrant scene of a virtual concert in the Metaverse-min

Avatar Branding:

Creating and developing an avatar for your brand that symbolizes your brand personality helps you boost your virtual presence and your band’s image. Your band’s avatar should be unique and recognizable. It should be used in social interaction and generate connections with users. Represent it in all your events and make sure it has an impression on people.

Social Interaction:

In the beginning, you must know that social interaction is something beyond geographic borders and it gives you the opportunity to exchange culture and create a strong global network. Use this immersive and dynamic place to make an impression on any individual. People joining in this metaverse realm to share their experiences, and collaborate in different activities, do not miss this opportunity to boost your brand in the market.

Collaborations and Partnerships:

Put a red mark next to “Collaborations and Partnerships” as an important strategy in the metaverse world. Brands give unique experiences to the audience by joining influencers and brands. This helps users to have a dynamic collaboration with brands.

Virtual Commerce:

This strategy contains e-commerce functionalities in the Metaverse that guide users to explore, experience, and buy products without any limits or forcing them to leave the digital space. Brands create virtual shops, and they show the limited-edition options. This approach not only helps to increase shopping and brands’ profit but also opens new ways for interacting with people.

Cross-Platform Integration:

Unify your brand across various Metaverse platforms, make a recognizable image for it and maintain your brand message unified in the vast majority of the Metaverse vision.

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Successful Metaverse Marketing Strategies: Case Studies

Now you get familiar with some of the key strategies for boosting your brand in the metaverse market. Let’s take a look at some of the strategies that work for brands and make them successful.

The first example is “Ariana Grande x Fortnite” which uses the Interactive Experiences strategy. Ariana brings her music by teaming up with Fortnite. They provide a special journey for players that is different from others. She mixed up music with the world of Fortnite and brought joy to users. She perfectly uses this opportunity and makes herself more successful than in the past.

The second one is “Millennium Hotels x Decentraland” which uses a Social Interaction strategy. Imagine you play for a long time and need some rest, and you think how would it be if my avatar player could get some rest too? Here the Millennium Hotels comes and offers a nice luxury hotel for your avatar in Decentraland. You can communicate with other players and also enjoy a warm place for relaxation. You can screenshot from your avatar in the hotel and post it on social media with a special hashtag. So you raise your chance to win real-world hotel rewards.

The last example is about the cooperation of “Samsung and Shudu & Miquela”. They both are virtual influencers, and they provide a social media marketing campaign for introducing the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and the Samsung Galaxy Series. Samsung used this strategy to use all potential in virtual commerce and it was successful.

Challenges and Considerations:

When it comes to challenges and considerations you must be aware of the importance of their role in your metaverse brand marketing. Ownership, Data, Identity, privacy, and policy are the most important things that come with this virtual environment. Users have to prove if they are real, or they are only an avatar in the virtual world.

Be careful if the rules or privacy are harmful for your consumer and yourself or not. Users want protection for data, contents, virtual properties and whatever is included.

Another challenge about this market is AI. It is an important subject that brings many worries by itself. No one knows if Artificial Intelligence can improve our market or possess it. Many individuals believe that one day AI can rule the world instead of humans. We will talk about it in our next articles in detail.

Future Trends and Opportunities:

Metaverse marketing has a great future, and it has many opportunities. In this part we just mentioned some of them. Do not worry, we will write an article and show you many special features of this vast market.

The first thing is about AI that many brands are going to use for enhancing their products. Nowadays we have so many AI tools that take our breath away and AI marketing is already a branch of marketing! so the future that we are talking about is not that far! We are experiencing it!

The second one is NFTs and virtual assets. Brands can make opportunities by creating unique NFTs and use them in promotion campaigns. The third and the last one which we talk about in this article is Metaverse Sustainability. Not only helps to have a sustainable environment but also helps brands to advertise themselves and put a positive impact on the environment.


Metaverse is a vast place that brands can use to improve their place in an ever-growing market. Entering the metaverse market and boosting brands needs special strategies and you may face many struggles. Learning opportunities and challenges about it help you to be more successful.

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