Joker Boys



When it all began:

JKB and Dreamfarm agency started their co-operation in July 2022.
To know more about JKB, we need to add that Jokerboys (JKB) is a groundbreaking NFT project that tries to invest in emerging artists. They offer various exciting features, including profit sharing for their original community members, funding art competitions to support talented artists, collaborating on web3 short films, and allocating 3% of our proceeds to charitable causes benefiting children.
They wanted an NFT collection and a teaser to promote their collection.


  • Content marketing
  • Increase sales to increase donation


The teaser is available for you to watch. It helped JKB to gain more than 10K followers on X (former twitter) in the first month of their activity.

Here you can see some of the characters Dream Farm has designed for them:

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