Cross The Ages

Where did it start?

Cross the Ages had developed a fantastic game that was already catching the attention of players and investors. They wanted to create a big impact and generate even more excitement, so they reached out to us for help.

What did we suggest?

Every year, hundreds of games are launched, from big-budget AAAs to indies. One of the best ways to market a video game is through a trailer. A trailer is often the first chance to make an impression on potential players and is a crucial part of the game’s promotional campaign. A well-made one can build massive excitement and draw a lot more interest to the game, while a poorly-made one with a not-so-interesting idea and style might fail to engage viewers.

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What did we do?

So we ended up agreeing on creating a trailer, however, one key factor we needed to consider was its ability to stand out. During the time of this project, we were well aware of the shift in animation trends, sparked by the popularity of shows and films like “Arcane” and “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.” These works marked a move away from ultra-realistic styles to a more stylized, imaginative vibe.

This new style focuses not on photorealistic details, like those seen in Pixar films, but on a unique and artistic interpretation of the world. It celebrates the beauty of imperfections and adds a deeply human touch to the animation.

Given this shift, what better way to make the Cross the Ages cinematic trailer truly unique than by utilizing this innovative, artistic style?
After all the ideation phases and brainstorming, we redesigned the characters for a fresh new look, we moved into the production phase of the trailer. Combining 2D and 3D animation, we produced a trailer that feels like watching a three-dimensional painting. This unique style introduces the game’s characters, environments, assets, and magical elements in a visually gorgeous way!
Cross the ages

What was the result?

The campaign was a huge success! The trailer garnered over 136,000 views on YouTube and, amazingly, it was also featured on New York’s Times Square, playing to millions of viewers!

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