Dream Farm Agency is participating in 2023 Supernova challenge, Dubai

Dream Farm Agency is participating in 2023 Supernova challenge, Dubai
Dream Farm Agency Is Participating In 2023
By Rojan

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September 20 , 2023 – Dream Farm Agency is going to participate in the Supernova challenge which is scheduled to be held in Dubai. The Agency is going to showcase its most recent innovative and creative solution which as they claim “is not just another product but a revolution in brand communication.”

As always Dream Farm Agency is presenting a combination of Art, marketing, and Technology as a wholesome solution to the world of marketing.

During the Supernova challenge, Dream Farm Agency will have the opportunity to showcase their latest innovation, which leverages immersive technologies. The solution aims to captivate audiences and create memorable brand experiences that yield tangible results.

“This is an incredible opportunity for us to share our innovative marketing strategies and demonstrate the value we bring to our clients. We eagerly anticipate connecting with industry peers and showcasing our capabilities on a global stage.” Said Elham Alizadeh, the Marketing director of the firm.

The Supernova challenge, known as  the biggest pitch competition in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia, attracts participants from around the globe to compete for the opportunity of becoming the next unicorn! It is going to be held 15-18 October, in Dubai.

A panel of esteemed judges and industry experts will evaluate the campaigns presented by participating companies during the Supernova challenge. Dream Farm Agency is so hopeful to be among the top contenders.


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