PETA Christmas Spot

Where did it start?

Christmas campaigns are always popular because they’re so effective! Every year, brands go all out to impress their audience with a festive touch in their ads. In 2022, PETA decided to join the fun and reached out to us to give it a try.

This campaign was actually very unique compared to other Christmas campaigns we’ve handled. We weren’t promoting a product with a Christmas discount or a service with fun social announcements. Instead, we were sharing something deeper: an idea; that animals have rights too.

It was all about getting this message from PETA out to a diverse audience, some of whom might not usually think about animal rights, especially with a turkey on their Christmas dinner table. Our goal was to touch their souls, influence their minds, and soften their hearts, all to convey PETA’s important message about ending animal cruelty.

What were the limitations?

PETA’s core mission is to protect animals, so using a real animal in a studio to make a video was out of the question. They didn’t want to stress or harm any animals just to create an advert.

What was the solution?

Well, we turned to animation. Animation not only avoided the need for a real animal, but it also gave us flexibility in how we presented the story. It was the perfect solution, allowing us to create beautiful, engaging scenes without any harm to animals.


What did we do?

To make a powerful impact, we had to think carefully about what to portray as the story, what style, and what perspective to use. After many brainstorming sessions with the team, we decided to convey PETA’s message through the story of a young turkey named Toby, told from his point of view.

How did the advert turn out?

Toby’s story was brought to life in a 2-minute 3D animation video. It starts with Toby escaping from a truck headed to the slaughterhouse, thanks to his mother’s quick thinking. A kind family rescues him and raises him as their own. On Christmas Eve, while watching TV, Toby spots a commercial with the same logo from the truck he escaped and panics, thinking his family might eat him for their Christmas meal. To his relief, the final scene reveals that his family is vegan, and they all enjoy a vegan Christmas dinner together.

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What were the results?

The campaign was a huge success. The video spread everywhere, featured on news sites like TheDrumIndependent, and DailyMail. It even made it to a lively segment on Good Morning Britain, where PETA’s communication manager faced tough questions about not leaving meat-eaters alone. But what really mattered was that the video achieved its goal and got widespread attention!

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