Everything You Should Know About the Sandbox Metaverse + How to Use it?

Everything You Should Know About the Sandbox Metaverse + How to Use it?
sandbox metaverse
By Nikan

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It’s been over a year since the rise of Web 3.0 ideas, the third generation of the internet, which, honestly fell far short of expectations.
But, let’s be fair about the third generation of the internet. It’s just delayed; one can’t definitively say that Web 3.0 is over!
One of the most amazing and attention-grabbing aspects of Web 3.0 was the idea of creating a virtual world, AKA metaverse.
In this blog, we will discuss one of the most famous metaverses that truly made a buzz in the last bullish market. The sandbox metaverse is the topic we are going to delve into.
You’ll learn everything about it, from the ones who own it to ways to earn money on that.
But first of all, it’s necessary to define the term “metaverse”.

What Does the term “Metaverse” Really Mean?

More than 2 years ago, Facebook, the famous social media platform, or the giant brand in the tech industry to be exact, rebranded itself to Meta.


The trends of those days influenced this decision, we mean the hot topic of virtual worlds, which we call metaverse.
Mark Zuckerberg and his team believe that the next evolution in social connection will be brought about by the metaverse!
Although the Meta project seems to be a failure for them; we can’t ignore the possibility of the virtual worlds overcoming and impacting the way we communicate and in a broader picture, our everyday life routines.

Anyway, the word metaverse refers to an online virtual world where everyone has their own avatar and can explore it with that representation of themselves.
Here we face a common misunderstanding of the concept.

Many platforms provide such worlds and people know them as metaverses. But as Joel Comm and Travis Wright, hosts of the widely known Bad Crypto podcast suggest, they should be called verses. Metaverse is a theoretical virtual world, where all these verses connect and form a huge virtual universe in which people can play, talk to each other, attend events, concerts, sports games, etc, and even work and make real money!

Imagine you and your childhood friend, living on two distinct continents, thousands of kilometers away from each other. In Metaverse, you can hang out and get tickets to the next Taylor Swift concert to have fun. There will be no limits caused by distances.

Although available platforms like Decentraland, Roblox, and the Sandbox – which we will take a closer look at here – provide some of those possibilities, they are not connected. Meaning if you have an avatar in Decentraland, you can’t hang out with a friend with an avatar in the Sandbox game! Therefore, we haven’t reached the Metaverse yet.
Anyway, as we mentioned above, people recognize these verses as separate metaverses. No problem! We will take the same approach and neglect the word’s true meaning.
Now is the time to get more information about the Sandbox metaverse.


Sandbox Metaverse: A Complete Overview

Are you familiar with the well-known game Minecraft? Well, Sandbox is very similar to that masterpiece.

Just like Minecraft, the world of the Sandbox metaverse, or the Sandbox game, consists of small 3d cubes or voxels to be exact.
The Sandbox game history goes back to the previous decade. In 2012, a game named Sandbox launched for IOS. A year later, the Android version was released.
This metaverse that is located on the Ethereum blockchain is the successor of that indeed triumphant game.

The Sandbox metaverse set the world of Web 3.0 on fire back in the day. Even as attention to these projects began to fade due to the onset of the bearish market – the decrease in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency prices – the Sandbox kept up the good work. Proving it’s not a scam and the creators are planning to shape the future.

Even though most of its competitors like Decentraland provide various games for their users, the Sandbox is the one that focuses on this area.
It tries to take the gaming experience to the next level. That’s why so many people recognize it as the Sandbox game, and the term ‘Sandbox metaverse’ is slightly less common.
As it is a blockchain-based platform, you may already guess this metaverse has its very own token, named SAND. Users on the Sandbox utilize SAND for trading goods and lands.
As we said above, this impressive virtual world is created with voxels. Hence, users can build almost anything out of these small cubes. From unique structures to any kind of game with their preferred set of rules.

Let’s say it this way: users can build their small worlds, consisting of anything they desire on the Sandbox lands, which we will talk more about later in this blog.
Chances are you have lots of questions in your mind. Probably want to know how is it possible to make objects, games, NFTs, etc, in this environment. Does it require coding skills? How can people make real money in the Sandbox game?

Don’t worry at all! As we promised at the beginning of the blog, this is a 101 Sandbox metaverse guide and we’ll walk you through everything you should know about it.
Do you want to know how this virtual world works? Read the next section.

How Does the Sandbox Metaverse Work?

Some key features of the blog as of now:

  • The Sandbox Metaverse is an online virtual world
  • Users can have their avatar, explore this world, participate in various events, trade NFTs, and create almost anything they want
  • The Ethereum blockchain powers the Sandbox game
  • This platform has its own token named SAND
  • Making money in the Sandbox game is possible

Keeping these in mind, let’s move ahead and see how the Sandbox game mechanics work.

Undoubtedly, the Ethereum blockchain caused huge changes in the world of blockchain technology. For example, thanks to that, we have NFTs, AKA Non-Fungible Tokens.
The Sandbox and all other similar platforms are available thanks to these kinds of tokens. Almost everything on this platform is an NFT. From avatars to lands and all the customized objects each user creates.

Inside the platform, there are 3 main components:

1.VoxEdit: This is a primary tool for users that they can utilize to build different objects with 3d pixels, or voxels. As we said above, everything in this world is created from voxels. VoxEdit is the tool that helps you create almost anything, from structures to cars, animals, and any bizarre objects you can imagine.


2.Marketplace: All objects created with voxels can be traded with other users in the Sandbox platform. In order to sell their creations, users must submit their ownership on the blockchain by turning created objects into NFTs. Then the creation will become an asset that the player can upload on the Sandbox’s marketplace, showing it to potential buyers.


3.Game Maker: Even those who don’t know anything about coding, can create 3d games inside the Sandbox metaverse environment. The Game Maker is the tool that makes this dream possible. This user-friendly implement allows everyone to employ their creativity and make stunning 3d games just in a few minutes.

sandbox game maker

So these 3 components help the users to interact with the Sandbox game in an impactful way.

The whole world has been divided into several lands, which users can buy to derive benefits from.

As we’ve already talked about, there is a Native token called SAND. It’s a cryptocurrency and has value in the real world. There are various ways to earn on the Sandbox platform, and we’ll delve deeper into those in the blog.

We’ll start with the process of accessing and joining the platform. But before that, let’s answer another frequently asked question about the Sandbox game.

Who Owns the Sandbox Metaverse?

There are no individuals! Animoca Brands is the name of the company that created this virtual world catered to gaming. The company was founded in 2014 by Yat Siu and David Kim.
Their headquarters are in Hong Kong. They started their operations by taking part in the mobile gaming industry. Whereas, following the path of many other firms, they decided to become pioneers in play-to-earn games and, more broadly, the blockchain gaming industry.

Note that Animoca Brands is the name of the parent company funding and supporting Pixowl, the team that created the Sandbox game back in 2012 for smartphones.
Another question arises here: Do they own the Sandbox metaverse, or are they its creators?

The Sandbox metaverse is built upon a blockchain. So it is decentralized! It means that everyone who has SAND tokens, or anything valuable in this virtual world, owns a share of the Sandbox platform.

Although, the creators, Anomica Brands, have most of the SANDs in their account. They utilize those tokens to take care of the platform’s economy, making sure everything is in order.
So in general, Anomica Brands is the creator, and also the biggest owner of the Sandbox metaverse.
Now it’s time to get into action. Keep reading if you are eager to enter this colorful charming world and start playing.

How to Access the Sandbox Metaverse?

The process of accessing the Sandbox metaverse is really simple. No prior knowledge of metaverse and play-to-earn games is required.
To get started, visit the Sandbox official website and register on it.


Following that, as this is a blockchain-based platform, it’s evident that you should connect your wallet to the website to proceed.

There are NFTs and crypto payments associated with the platform, and that is why your digital wallet serves as your identity in the Sandbox metaverse.

Once you successfully connect your crypto wallet to the Sandbox website, it’s time to create your avatar or the voxel presentation of you on the platform.

You have the freedom to build something genuinely unique. There are diverse options for basic facials and body shape, model and color of the hair, accessories, etc. It’s a really fun part of joining the Sandbox; because the level of customization you have at your fingertips is above the cloud!

After the creation of your avatar, everything is set for you to start exploring this amazing virtual world.

If you have plans to invest in this game, we suggest you explore all digital lands and check all the details. The more time you spend in the Sandbox metaverse, the clearer vision you’ll get of everything related to it.

Fortunately, having fun is not limited to exploring the metaverse and looking at other users’ creations.

Participate in games and other activities that take place on the Sandbox platform. It is possible to benefit from playing games and get SANDs or assets as rewards. Remember that you can sell assets in the marketplace and make real money.

Here’s a crucial aspect of the Sandbox metaverse: It’s not just about having fun; earning through gaming is also possible!

Surprisingly, by investing time and of course money, you may even have more income than a 5 to 9 job while spending time in the Sandbox metaverse!
In the next section, we will discuss various investing approaches you can take in this platform.

How to Invest in the Sandbox Metaverse?

To answer this question, we must examine this virtual world’s economy first.

SAND, which is the native token of the platform and we’ve covered it earlier in this blog, acts as the main utility of this metaverse. But it’s not the only valuable asset.

In real life, your house, car, phone, and even your clothes all have value. And as we said above, the Sandbox metaverse is quite similar to the real world.

In addition to SAND, lands, assets, and games created by users, are NFTs and can be traded in the platform’s marketplace.

Let’s take a closer look and find out more about each of them.



The SAND token plays a crucial role in the Sandbox game. As mentioned above, it is the money in the game you can use to buy goods and land.
All the transactions are getting done with SAND. If you want to buy land, the price should be paid in SAND, buying any kind of NFT follows the same principle too.
Furthermore, the income you luckily will have is usually in SAND.

Further, some of the user-created games, demand SAND to play. Simply said, you should pay the entrance fee in SAND to be able to participate in that specific game.
Moreover, anyone can stake their SANDs in various pools created by this means and get rewarded with more SANDs!

It is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, and it is not just a utility token. The Sandbox metaverse’s governance token is also SAND.

In simple terms, users who hold and stake this token, have the right to vote for any changes in the platform. Meaning they can participate in deciding how in the future the Sandbox will be.
Keep in mind that a portion of all transactions goes to the Sandbox Foundation as a fee, supporting various aspects of the metaverse.


As the name suggests, LAND is referring to a virtual real state in the Sandbox metaverse map. actually, it’s beyond just a virtual real state!
Owning a LAND lets you unleash your creativity by editing it, building structures, and crafting unique games.

sandbox land

Each LAND may contain tokens, games, and other valuables.

When there are several lands, linking them will create an ESTATE. This is where you can create experiences and games that other users must pay to explore and play. If you make a real attention-grabbing structure that provides an unforgettable experience, people will pay to have fun there, and you may have a mass income, thanks to your beautiful mind and inventiveness.

In total, there are only 166,464 LANDs available on the Sandbox’s map. Therefore, we are talking about a highly valuable asset with limited supply.

Each LAND is an NFT – ERC-721 token – that belongs to the owner. In other words, they can be traded in the game’s marketplace or other secondary markets like OpenSae.
Let’s take a look at the procedure of buying LAND in this metaverse.

How to Buy Land in the Sandbox Metaverse?

Following on our earlier point, there are limited numbers of LAND in the Sanbox metaverse, and there will be no more in the future. As a result, it’s predictable that they are extremely valuable.
previously, the creators of the platform have released LANDs in waves, and in each wave, a predetermined LAND was available for purchasing.

The dates of official Sandbox LAND sales will be announced in advance. Therefore, users can prepare and provide enough money to purchase their desired piece of the map as an invaluable NFT.
Additionally, buying LANDs in the platform’s marketplace is possible. Users can also purchase or sell LANDs in secondary markets like OpenSea and Rarible, which host a variety of NFTs.
Be aware that prices are higher in marketplaces, and the LANDs in the official Sandbox sales are arguably cheaper.

Don’t forget about SAND! If you are planning to purchase a LAND, you must have enough SANDs in your wallet, as all the payments take place using this cryptocurrency.

How Much Does a Land Cost in the Sandbox Metaverse?

We’ve already told you that metaverse or the Sandbox metaverse to be exact, looks a lot like the real world! As the prices of distinct houses and real states in the real world differ, LANDs in the Sandbox game have dissimilar values.

Fun and shocking story: A while ago, Snoop Dog, the world-famous rapper, bought some LANDs and created an ESTAET in the Sandbox metaverse. Someone paid 450,000 dollars in SANDs to buy the LAND located next to this celebrity’s ESTATE, just to become his neighbor!
So again, demand and supply is a key factor that determines each LAND’s price.
The location of each LAND impacts the price too.
Flats next to Central Park are the most expensive real estate in the whole world, according to their magnificent location, right?

Populated areas, with so many famous brands containing several experiences and games, are more expensive. For example, LANDs near the Sandbox zone on the map have higher prices.
If you are planning to buy an ESTATE, you should know that the bigger the ESTATE, the higher its price will be.

There are 4 sizes for ESTATEs:

  • Small: 3×3 (LANDs)
  • Medium: 6×6 (LANDs)
  • Large: 12×12 (LANDs)
  • XL: 24×24 (LANDs)

Fact: The largest ESTATEs in the Sandbox game belong to Snoop Dog and Adidas.
If you’re looking for a specific number, let’s take a look at LANDs that are on OpenSae for sale. The cheapest one costs 0.248 ETH at the time.

Now you know everything about LANDs, let’s continue and get to know other valuables in the Sandbox metaverse.


Any item in the Sandbox metaverse is called an ASSET.

VoxEdit, the tool we’ve discussed above, helps you create anything with those adorable 3d pixels. The sky is the limit to your imagination.
Once those creations, no matter what, are uploaded to the Sandbox marketplace, they will become NFTs, and trading them will be possible.
Clothes, furniture, artworks, structures, and any unique creations are considered ASSETs, each having value. Consequently, users can sell them in the official marketplace or even secondary NFT markets and make money.

Besides that, ASSETs can be used in Game Maker too.
Thus far, we’ve covered everything that you should know about the principles of investing in the Sandbox metaverse.
Now, we want to narrow down the topic and explore the approaches for earning on this platform.

6 Ways to Earn Money in the Sandbox Metaverse?

Investing in the Sandbox metaverse by purchasing land is indeed a lucrative approach, but it is not the only way to earn money in this game. Here, we are going to examine different ways that users can create an income from the Sandbox world.


1.Charge Players for Participating in Events You host on Your LAND

This is a great method for monetizing your land, and we’ve talked about it earlier in the blog.
There are several experiences you can host, including games, concerts, museums, online events, webinars, etc.

You can set an entrance fee for each event and make money from users trying to experience them.
The Game Maker is the tool you should take advantage of to create experiences.

Remember The more engaging and fun your events are, the more participants are willing to pay the entrance fee.
The location of your LAND or ESTATE, also, has a crucial role in being successful. No need to say that when you own a LAND in crowded areas of the map, chances are more players attend the events you host.

If you are going to create games, we strongly suggest to determine prizes for the winner. A competition with a reward is more likely to grab attention.

2.Rent Out Your LAND

Not everyone has enough time, patience, and creativity to design and create money-making experiences.

Some users bought a LAND or two. But the problem is that they don’t like to spend time on the Sandbox metaverse. These people can rent out their properties and earn money this way.
Therefore, if you think you’re not a fan of gaming and hanging around in virtual worlds, buying LANDs and ESTATEs to lease them is a good idea to generate money. Without even spending a single second on the platform!

LANDs are not cheap. Especially those located in populated areas.
There are many game designers and content creators who have brilliant ideas but lack enough capital to buy LAND for themselves. Those are the players who are willing to rent your property.
The terms of the contract can be added to the blockchain via a smart contract.

3.Self-promotion or Sponsoring

If you are going to create charming experiences in the Sandbox metaverse, experiences that players love to participate in, it means you have lots of viewers.
Hence, your LAND is a good place for advertising businesses and individuals. Find people and corporations that gamers are their target audience. Provide an offer about advertising them in your LAND and experiences within it.

Additionally, if you’re a marketer, designer, developer, artist, etc. in the real world, consider using your LAND and experiences there for self-promotion.

4.Trading Valuables to Earn Money

As previously stated, almost anything in the Sandbox metaverse is an NFT! The point is you have ownership of your stuff in the game, and you can sell them for profit.
Selling LANDs, ESTATEs, ASSETs, and even your avatar is possible. Just head to the Sandbox marketplace or other secondary markets that support NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain and upload your NFTs there.

5.Staking SAND

We’ve fully covered all the information about SAND. It is the utility and also governance token of the Sandbox game.
Earning money by staking SAND is feasible too, as several mechanisms are providing this opportunity.

This approach is not related to the Sandbox platform! Even if you haven’t registered on the platform, it’s possible to buy SAND from various crypto exchanges and hold it to stake them.
The procedure is simple. Locking the tokens in pools created for this matter will generate additional SANDs. The amount of additional tokens each investor gets depends on the amount they lock in the pool and the profit rate of that specific pool.

6.Participate in Play-to-earn Activities

There is no obligation to have LANDs and ESTATEs in order to make money in the Sandbox metaverse. Of course, not everyone can afford to pay for those virtual estates. Does that mean these players can’t profit by exploring the Sandox game map? Well, no!

There are several play-to-earn activities that everyone, even those who own only an avatar, can participate in and hope to win the award.
Many user-generated games offer rewards in SAND, NFTs, and ASSETs to winners.

Besides that, the Sandbox creators, host tournaments and events in the Sandbox zone, from time to time, and those tournaments and events give away rewards too.
Don’t forget that creating items with VoxEdit doesn’t require owning land. Create beautiful stuff, turn them into NFTs by uploading them to the marketplace, and sell them to make money.
You should know that play-to-earn activities are not as lucrative as owning LAND, but still, they count as a way to earn some money.

As of now, we’ve covered almost all the aspects of this beautiful virtual world. But you may ask why the Sandbox metaverse? There are dozens of metaverses available. What makes the Sandbox game so unique?

The answer lies in the brands investing in this platform.

What Brands Are in the Sandbox Metaverse?

What Brands Are in the Sandbox Metaverse

Up to this point, we’ve mentioned Snoop Dog and Adiddas as two major brands that have the largest ESTATEs in the Sandbox game.

One is a world-class rapper who has been in the industry for decades, and the other is the biggest sports brand worth more than 34 billion dollars at the moment!
That’s not all. Other giant names are investing in the Sandbox metaverse, and we will take a peek at them here.

Remember that the world of the internet and how people communicate is changing rapidly. That is why many famous brands invest in metaverse platforms such as the Sandbox game.
If you don’t want to fall behind, you must adopt these changes in advance and plan to create a solid brand presence in virtual worlds like the Sandbox metaverse.
To be honest, it’s not that simple! It requires specific skills. Those in charge of this matter must know the metaverse very well and have the needed knowledge to achieve the business’s predetermined goals.

It’s comparable to the marketing and sales process in the real world. As professionals must take care of those, skilled ones must be responsible for creating an impactful brand presence in the metaverse.

In Dream Farm Agency, we can do all the work for you. Our experts have the required skills and experience to build a base for your brand, not just in the Sandbox game but in any metaverse you think your target audience is in.

Back to the topic, let’s get to know what other significant brands are in the Sandbox metaverse.
As stated in the official website of the Sandbox metaverse, there are more than 200 prominent brands in the world of voxels. The top ones are:

  • Warner Music Group
  • Ubisoft
  • Gucci
  • The Rabbids
  • Cut the Rope
  • The Walking Dead
  • Invincible
  • Atari
  • Binance

You can say a project has a bright future when these big names, with highly talented financial teams, put their money and reputation on the table.

Start Your Journey in the Sandbox Metaverse Right Away!

In this blog, we’ve studied everything you need to know about the Sandbox metaverse. Now you have a full understanding of metaverse, and the Sandbox game specifically.

If you are looking for a gaming opportunity with the possibility of making real money, go to the official Sandbox website and initiate the registration process. We’ve provided a comprehensive tutorial on this matter and explained all the approaches to earning money by being active in this virtual world.

If you have any questions about this topic, please feel free to discuss it with us in the comment section. Furthermore, if you have already joined this game, we ask you to share your experience with us and other readers.




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