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Clever is a daycare in the city of Calgary in Alberta, Canada, that was in need of a strong, engaging brand identity to grow its business and open new locations. Research showed that finding a daycare that offers top-quality services and facilities with a flexible schedule and programs was the main concern of working parents in the area. We opted to create a trustworthy and competent image of Clever, aligned with the needs of its target audience to help it stand out and become a safe choice for parents and attract kids.




Through market research, analyzing competitors and target audiences, SWOT analysis, and in-depth interviews with Clever’s key members, we were able to determine the brand’s personality, values, competitive advantages, and promise statement, so we knew our design had to be unique. That’s when our Branding team came through to create a new image and identity for the Clever brand. 



Creative Design, Rebranding


As a part of the rebranding process, Clever needed a new logo design and exceptional visual and verbal identity that corresponded with the brand’s strategy and message.

Our Creative and Design teams developed all aspects of the visual and verbal identity, including taglines, tone of voice, stationery, interior design, environmental advertising, organizational dishes, staff dress codes, and digital advertising in accordance with the conceptual identity.


Character Profile

Clever wanted to form a deeper level of connection with its audience and communicate its message and values in a more personal and amicable manner. In other words, they needed a brand character/mascot. The character’s mission was to create a safe, soft-hearted, smart, and reliable image of Clever Day Care in the minds of its audiences. At this point, the character’s profile and DNA were creatively defined by our Brand Strategy team.

The character’s personality and traits: reliable, smart, problem solver, supportive 

The character’s tone: reassuring, friendly & wholehearted, inspiring, instructive, supportive 

Considering Canada’s weather and the character’s DNA, a penguin was chosen to portray the Clever brand mascot. They are pretty smart animals with strong navigation skills, and strategic hunting abilities, among others. 

Plus, penguins are very responsible and protective of their family. This perfectly supports Clever daycare’s brand identity.


Design & Illustration


Some initial sketches were presented to Clever’s management before, and comments by kids and parents at the daycare were taken into consideration. Eventually, after testing a few ideas and styles, one model made the cut: 



In order to be able to connect with the audience and deeply communicate with them, the character needed to be named in a way that respected the identity and purpose of the brand. 

The following were applied while naming the character: 

  • It must be simple
  • It must be easy to pronounce for children
  • It must be unisex
  • It must not oppose the brand identity in any way
  • It must not have unintended meanings in other languages

After a series of perception and pronunciation tests, and with the help of a story-driven narrative, “Cleo” was chosen.

We then designed Cleo’s poses, facial expressions, outfits, and accessories. With the opening of a new location, Clever introduced the character to parents and children at an inauguration event. Cleo entertained the attendees by talking about his story, origin, and abilities.


Digital Services


Digital presence was an important communication channel, crucial to the successful execution of the created identity at all customer touchpoints. Together with Clever’s Marketing team, our Digital Marketing team developed the website, which conveys the same tone and message as the brand. In addition, we provided all the required services, including UI design, iconography, illustration, and all visual content for the brand’s website and social media channels. 




So far, Clever has claimed its spot with an integrated identity and has won the hearts of its audiences as it respects the conceptual, visual, and verbal guidelines of its brand book.

Cleo is now a beloved figure in the eyes of Clever’s kids, thanks to correct character usage in social media and digital channels, events, celebrations, and leaflets.


Celia Herrera

Creative Producer @ Mozilla Fire Fox

“It was a pleasure to work with the very talented team at Dream Farm Studios. They helped us define the needs for a brand character and completed milestones for the project with openness, skill, and flexibility in response to our complex feedback. Our team would love to have the chance to work with them again.”

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