Brand Mascot Development Creative Content Creation , 3D design

When Travelodge approached us with their beloved Sleepy Bear— a charming character who’s been the cozy face of the brand for an impressive 70 years—they had big dreams. The bear wasn’t just sleepy anymore; it was ready for an adventure, much like Travelodge’s growing brand spirit!




The goal

Redesign Sleepy Bear for a grand event and prepare the cute mascot for a digital experience that aligns with the current nature and mission of the brand.
Dream Farm Agency was thrilled to take on this adventure. We fully overviewed the Sleepy Bear’s storied past to honor its rich legacy while redefining its future.


The result

Based on Mozilla’s target audience for this service and our creative considerations, we found that
the character should:

  • Be designed for mobile first as the Lite service’s usage is mainly for android mobile devices
  • Entertain but have a ‘get it done’ attitude
  • Have high energy that appeals to users in many countries
  • Show up in a culturally appropriate way
  • Be unisex so it wouldn’t limit the audience’s gender preferences
  • Help users get the most out of the product and add fun
  • Support how Firefox Lite is used in different mediums
  • Demonstrate that Firefox is ‘on your side’ and make browsing easier

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