Mozilla Firefox

Mozila fire fox brand mascot


  • Brand Mascot

  • Illustration

Before deciding to launch Firefox Lite mobile browser, Mozilla reached out to us to “wow” its audience and potential users from the beginning. It aimed to make the users feel powerful by crafting a brand expression that strikes a chord and constantly reminds them Firefox is on their side. Next to discovering Firefox Lite mobile, they wanted the users to recommend the browser to others.

our total solution



Mozilla was clear with what it wanted; A fox character that would become a core part of the identity system for Firefox Lite and help it stand out from competing browsers. Plus, Mozilla knew its target audience well. However, their character needed to be marketable and play the role of a mascot in a broader form. So, we did thorough research and held brainstorming sessions to think about all ways the fox character could present itself.

Initially, the purpose of the character will be to:

  • Delight audiences in Emerging Markets
  • Contribute to their understanding of how the browser benefits them
  • Help distinguish Firefox Lite from competing browsers


Character Profile

Based on Mozilla’s target audience for this service and our creative considerations, we found that the character should:

  • Be designed for mobile first as the Lite service’s usage is mainly for android mobile devices
  • Entertain but have a ‘get it done’ attitude
  • Have high energy that appeals to users in many countries
  • Show up in a culturally appropriate way
  • Be unisex so it wouldn’t limit the audience’s gender preferences
  • Help users get the most out of the product and add fun
  • Support how Firefox Lite is used in different mediums
  • Demonstrate that Firefox is ‘on your side’ and make browsing easier


Creative Design

Mozilla provided us with how they wished their character to appear:

In order to keep Mozilla’s options open, we drew several sketches and let the brand choose which one was the closest to their dream character.

  • Super powered

    Fairy tale

  • Disney


  • Child-like


  • Human


  • Comedic



3D Modeling & Illustration

Considering that the character will be used in the app, social media, blogs, advertising, on Google Play store, and other platforms and mediums, Dream Farm Studios’ 3D artists developed a library of poses to showcase the fox’s multimedia presence.