Brand Mascot Development , Illustration , Animated Commercial

Even the audience with the best memory will sometimes have trouble remembering a brand’s logo. Razi, an insurance company, understood this well and decided to communicate its brand identity and convey emotions with a potent, memorable brand mascot. None of Razi’s competitors had a brand character, so this was a great opportunity to make the insurance company stand out.



Character Profile

An insurance company needs a character that’s strong, powerful, and agile to honor the image of such an industry. We came to an agreement that a tiger would be the perfect fit for this role. Therefore, the Do’s and Don’ts of the character were as follows: 

  • This character should be depicted as heroic with a sense of humor 
  • He should be powerful, but he uses his power only to serve people
  • He goes as far as sacrificing his life to protect Razi’s clients, and this should go with his character
  • Despite his potent character, there should be enough room for his humorous and gentle side 
  • He shouldn’t be designed and portrayed as mindless or lazy 
  • His face shouldn’t indicate evildoing 


Creative Design

Keeping in mind the nature of an insurance company, our Creative team had to consider the fact that Razi is also the sponsor of various sports teams.

We produced sketches for the brand to inspect and gradually, the design of the to-be-mascot was coming to life.


3D Design

Finally, and after the approval of the kind, yet strong tiger, our illustrators produced 3D models of him with different facial expressions. Razi was satisfied with their brand mascot’s high maneuverability and used him in images, posters, catalogs, social media posts, brochures, and animated ads.


Celia Herrera

Creative Producer @ Mozilla Fire Fox

“It was a pleasure to work with the very talented team at Dream Farm Studios. They helped us define the needs for a brand character and completed milestones for the project with openness, skill, and flexibility in response to our complex feedback. Our team would love to have the chance to work with them again.”

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