To catch consumer attention and build lasting brand recognition, companies increasingly adopt mascots to showcase their brand’s values and create an actual connection with their target group. Mascots can perfectly simplify complex brand messages, and this is particularly important in the digital age and with advancements in AI. However, while many brands recognize the value of mascots, their potential is often underutilized, so they often don’t have a lasting impact and are quickly forgotten.

Dream Farm, leveraging over a decade of expertise in animation and character design, identified a significant gap in mascot development, especially in merging strategic marketing with engaging visual storytelling for effective mascot use. This realization led us to the development of our Brand Mascot Total Solution approach, which combines creative vision, strategic insight, and technological innovation. Dream Farm doesn’t just create great-looking characters. We also make sure they fit perfectly with what the brands need, thanks to an A-Z approach that blends creativity, strategy, and technology.


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Our full-service offering includes everything from initial brand research to designing characters and creating content while our core expertise really comes into play after the mascot is created. We specialize in launching mascots and devising long-term strategic plans for their use, to keep them effective and relevant over time, especially as digital technology and consumer preferences quickly change. This approach stands out in the industry, focusing on turning mascots into key brand communicators, not just additions to logos.


Brand Mascot

Brand Review & Discovery

Starting with a deep R&D into the brand itself is a must-do before creating a character that represents it. This first step is all about getting to know the brand really well. It’s like laying down a strong foundation before building a house. During this phase, we figure out what the brand stands for, what makes it special, who it’s trying to reach, and what feelings it wants to stir in its customers. We also look at what other brands are doing and what people like or don’t like. Knowing all this is super important because it helps make sure that the character we come up with fits the brand perfectly. So, taking the time to really understand the brand first sets the stage for a character that can truly bring the brand’s story to life.


Character Profile

Creating a memorable character goes beyond looks; it’s about their personality too. Think about what makes them unique

  • Are they funny or serious? 
  • Do they speak fast or slow? 
  • Are they relaxed or particular? 
  • Does it have human traits or lean more towards the animalistic side? 
  • Are we envisioning a youthful, teenager-like persona or a more mature, adult character? 

Maybe they even have a special superpower!

These characteristics aren’t random; they should be carefully picked to align with the brand’s identity and appeal directly to the target demographic. Just as friendships in the real world are formed through shared laughter, mutual interests, or a spark of connection, our aim is to develop a similar bond between the mascot and its audience. This is our opportunity to create a personality that everyone loves and wants to be friends with!

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Along with the final character, we provide a “Mascot Book” or mascot guideline. This essential document covers everything about the character. It maps out the mascot’s purpose within the brand, pinpoints the intended audience, and brings the mascot’s backstory, personality, message, tone, and visual identity to light and to be safe for lasting usage. We indicate the do’s and don’ts for depicting and using the mascot, setting clear boundaries to preserve its identity: the mascot’s limitations, suitable promotional channels, and strategies for impactful communication.

By equipping with this guide, the brand can have a vision for the mascot’s journey. A critical milestone in a mascot’s life cycle is the mascot “launch“, in which we will provide the brand with customized ideas and campaigns designed to embed our mascot in the hearts and minds of the audience. A solid long-term plan will also ensure the mascot not only makes a strong initial impact but also remains memorable and effective over time.



Once your brand mascot becomes popular with your audience, it opens up a world of opportunities, from directly selling your product and service to realizing your merchandising ambitions. We craft your character with these goals in mind, ensuring future success in the marketplace.
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NFT collections, including a wide range of 2D or 3D characters, backgrounds, and accessories, are another way of utilizing the mascot in the digital world. Furthermore, your mascot serves as the ideal ambassador for venturing into the metaverse, providing a humanized representation of your brand. Your mascot can engage with people in the virtual world, offering an interactive experience that brings your brand face-to-face with the audience. This provides a new depth of engagement and interaction.

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Story Universe

Creating a whole world around a character helps make it more real and easier for people to connect with. It’s about feeling like the character belongs to a world we can imagine and care about, making the audience more attached and interested in what happens to them. This is also a great opportunity for the brand to mix its core ideas into the character’s world. By adding brand values into the character’s journeys, the brand gets to share its message in a fun and engaging way, without outright telling people to buy something.
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Creative Character Design

Once we have all the details about the character neatly outlined in a brief, the exciting design phase begins. We often select multiple designers for a single project to ensure a variety of creative ideas.  This kicks off with several rounds of sketching, during which we closely collaborate with the brand, incorporating their feedback to refine the concepts. After a few iterations, we settle on an approved 2D design. From there, it’s all about adding the final touches and then moving on to the modeling stage. This is where the character truly comes to life, evolving into a fully rigged 3D model complete with a range of facial expressions and diverse poses, resulting in a perfectly crafted character ready to make its mark.
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We live in an exciting time where traditional and digital media coexist, creating a fresh way to tell stories through Transmedia Storytelling. We use this clever approach and leverage the character to share your brand’s story across multiple channels, pulling audiences in deeper than ever before. 

It’s a method that keeps fans perched on the edge of their seats, buzzing with anticipation for the next move from your mascot, somewhere across the brand’s channels: social media, websites, live events, virtual worlds, games, TV shows, billboards, and commercials. We make sure each piece connects perfectly, and this will keep everyone hooked and excited to see what’s next!



To make your mascot even more engaging, we utilize immersive, tech-based solutions, bringing your character to life in a digital environment. Through gamification solutions and thanks to technologies such as AR, VR, and AI, we significantly boost customer engagement.

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We use the extensive expertise of our in-house studio, which has produced over 2,000 unique characters, to further enhance our brand mascot solutions. This combined approach makes us the perfect A-Z partner for brands looking to improve their communication strategies effectively through mascots.

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