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We are a team of experienced designers and creatives who specialize in bringing brands to life through the creation of memorable and impactful mascots. Our passion for design, combined with our expertise in brand strategy and marketing, ensures that every mascot we create not only looks great, but also effectively represents your brand values, personality, and unique selling points.

We understand the power of mascots in creating a strong and lasting connection with customers. That’s why we work closely with our clients to ensure that every mascot we create is a perfect representation of their brand, and delivers the results they are looking for. Whether you’re a small business looking to build brand recognition, or a large corporation determined to inject personality into your marketing campaigns, we have the expertise and experience to help you succeed.

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We are proud to have worked with a diverse range of top-notch clients and partners, who trusted us to bring their brand visions to life. 

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  • CleverClever
  • MeridentMerident
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  • RaziRazi


  • 1 brand dna
  • 2 storytelling
  • 3 character profile
  • 4 creative character design
  • 5 marketing & advertising
  • 6 transmedia storytelling
  • 8 interactive media solutions
  • 9 nft & metaverse

Our process is simple yet comprehensive, starting with a deep dive into your brand to understand your target audience, goals, and competitive landscape. We then use this information to develop a concept for your mascot that is both visually appealing and aligned with your brand strategy. After that, our talented design team brings your mascot to life through expert illustration, animation, and rigging, creating a high-quality asset that can be used across a range of digital and physical mediums including launching your total solution worldwide on the Metaverse.


We design character personification based on the brand’s identity which Incorporates the brand message into the identity of the characters. The result is a set of story-driven characters that fully establish an effective rapport with the target audience and maximize brand awareness and engagement.


What makes brand storytelling more impactful is knowing how to connect the dots in regard to the brand identity. We combine our artistic and marketing/branding expertise to make stories tailored to the DNA and essence of the brand.


We design character personification based on the brand’s identity which Incorporates the brand message into the identity of the characters. The result is a set of story-driven characters that fully establish an effective rapport with the target audience and maximize brand awareness and engagement.

  • Character Purpose
  • Character Personality /Character DNA
  • Character Usage
  • Character Naming
  • Character Depiction


Transforming a character profile to a well-rounded visual asset is a crucial step in giving life to the brand’s character, which has a huge impact on the overall quality. Our quality-driven team of artists creates engaging characters in a fantastic story universe that has the ability to interact with the audience.

  • Creative design, high-quality, and detail-oriented execution
  • Different 2D and 3D Styles
  • Memorable and Engaging Characters Design
  • Multi-faceted Production Team


Competition is getting more strenuous in today’s technology-hungry audience and brand mascots help you gain a significant advantage. We have a full-stack marketing powerhouse that can provide ideas, assets, and visual content for all of your launch, marketing, and advertising needs.

  • Mascot guide book for online & offline presence
  • Creative ideas to introduce your mascot on the launch day
  • Creating a meaningful rapport with the audience through content marketing
  • Mascots can be used across your website, social media, and apps.
  • Experiential or gorilla marketing campaigns using gamification & interactive campaign


Transmedia storytelling is a technique of telling a single story or story experience across multiple platforms and formats using current digital technologies. For instance Your mascot experiences partial stories in parallel universe in different platforms like Instagram, YouTube channel, Website , etc. Dream Farm can produce Animation Series or Commercial Videos with the help of your mascot so that you can release them in different platforms.


Once your brand mascot has proven its popularity with your target demographic, you can start selling your products directly to your clients. As we are familiar with the environment, we design your character to succeed in your merchandising goals.


Immersive solutions enhance audience engagement with the story and the characters you create. We bring them to the life the character should have in the tech-based atmosphere. With the help of gamification and comprehension of cutting-edge technology solutions, we elevate your customer engagement to the next level.


Regarding the technology trends, our character designers can deliver massive 2D or 3D characters, backgrounds, and accessories (100, 1000, 10’000, and more) for your NFT collections, on time and with the highest quality. The best way for your brand to enter the metaverse is by using the brand character. They can communicate with people as a humanized brand representative in the virtual world, creating an interactive experience of facing your brand with the target audience and providing a new level of engagement with them. Our marketing team ensures that you have the best strategy for the Metaverse commercial environment.

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Our in-house studio artists have produced engaging characters for games, animated videos, and commercials. To find out more about our character designs, you can visit our studio’s website.

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